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October 22, 2008

Its A Dogs Day in the Garden

Life can be so hard for some us....And yet some of us really know how to take full advantage of a sunny warm fall Sunday.   Meet Buster, his an old boy who doesn't have much time left, but he sure knows how to enjoy it.  My day in the garden was spent working hard putting beds to rest for the winter.. Well Buster he just plain was enjoying a lazy day in bed.

PA130009   Oh gosh that sun feels so good on me.
  Ahhhhh.. its so boring watching her work.
   I can't even keep my eyes open
   Well maybe I'll just take a little nap.


PA130010Oh Life is good!


PA130032Dream land here I come....


PA130036  What! What!  Is someone there?

  PA130035Oh its only you.

  PA130039 Sound a sleep again.
Back into that amazing world of Dreamland.
Life is good…

    PA130040 So lets all remember to take a break once in a while. 
Close your eyes and feel the sun on your skin. 
Let yourself visit the land of Dreams.

 Take a Sunday and do like Buster…


So Have A

Good Morning.... Good Afternoon... Good Night…

Whatever it is to you

Photos by

Here I Am/Carrie


Anonymous said...

Buster looks like a lovely old boy.

GreatGranny said...

Buster is a sweet companion when you're in the garden or just resting from your labor.

Toodie said...

Buster has it good. Don't work too hard now. I am busy emptying the planters and gonna set the cloches on wheels onto the ground for next year. I am taking wheels off. Container gardening was a disaster for us this year. I have lots to do too outside. Wanna race? I'll bet you'll be done before me. Enjoy the sun Carrie and that good dog Buster.

Mei said...

Hi Carrie, sometimes i really love to be a dog, no worry... is this a old post from space, not sure... does the old comments come with the move, i haven't upgrade to wordpress yet, but will do soon, looks like a ghost town there now, not even a comment for last few post or its me, no one like big head... LOL! Am I? Well, anyway, very like to see your dog is have a good time under the lovely sun... can my dog join in... wish you a lovely weekend coming. thinking of you! Mei