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September 8, 2009

Watching My Organic Garden Grow

The month of September is a time that is all about enjoying the fruits of Summers labour.  Here I would like to share with you the before and after photos of the changes in my garden and a link to an album of close-ups of what I grow..

I buy no plants or starts.  Everything I grow is from seed.  Many are started in the Greenhouse.

June on the deck is very bare looking but by August the flowers are blooming.

Our deck with lots fo potted plants even a palm tree my husband started from seed I have automatic water to all the pots.               D 2 P8250001

I also mix some flowers and vegetables in containers on the deck.

June                                           August

I plant lots on containers on and around deck from flowers to herbs and vegetable                  De 2 P8250003

Finally a look at the Garden

May I started work in the Garden.    July was growing slowing.

G 1 P5030029                                            G 2 P6250099

Due to my cooler nights my garden is very slow growing.  I use companion planting and can have one vegetable found all over the entire garden.  I love the effect and naturalness of mixing it all up and flowers here and there.

August starts to really grow.         September just filling out.

G 3 P7030009                  G 4 P9050005

Here is a corner part of the Garden where 2 previous beds had been combined into one.   Most my beds are raised 4 foot wide.

June the area is ready to plant.   September a bed of beauty.

C 1 P5220037                      C 2 P9050021

Aside from the soil that has only organic matter added to it,  we keep a drum of manure tea always near by for extra boosts during the summer.  After harvesting potatoes the chicks get a special treat of exposed worms.

P7030002              P9050072

Now lets look at the progress in the Greenhouse.

Late April I start seeds in the Greenhouse.  June tender plants remain till after frost.

Gh 1 P5140028                      Gh 2 P6060003

July I continue to grow in pots here.  September the plants will grow here for months to come.

Gh 3 P6240012         P9050127

I hope you enjoyed the growth in my garden and greenhouse.

With organic gardening it is a labour of love
Love of the earth, love of our bodies
Love of the natural beauty God gave us.

So to Everyone

Good Morning…    Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
Whatever it is to you…

Photos  &  Words


Here I Am/Carrie

Carrie suncatcher P5240032