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November 21, 2009

November in my Greenhouse

Welcome to my garden in my greenhouse.  Where the snow may blow but the garden continues to grow. 

A simple path down the lane brings you to the vegetable section.

Where you fill your basket with fresh ripe vegetables.  

Eggplant and Jalapeno
 PB090108  PB090128

My thoughts are planted and watered with dreams.
With love as nourishment they grow.
Tomatoes in many sizes and shapes.
PB090119    PB090122
Oh the colors that can still be found inside.
 PB090152    PB090114

Palms started from seeds. 

Sweet peppers and hot peppers for every palate.
PB090110   PB090125

Hope you enjoyed seeing what’s growing in my greenhouse.
Now just a quick look at the change in my dining window view from one season to the next.  Yes that is a chicken.  When the outside gardens are finished I let the chickens run everywhere for awhile to glean all the beds and leave some droppings.

           Summer  verses an early fall snow it did go bare again a bit.
P9010071 PA290002
So to Everyone
Hope you are see the beauty in all seasons…
Good Morning… Good Afternoon… Good Night…
Whatever it is to you
Photos & Words
Here I Am/Carrie


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the chickens running around everywhere for a while to glean all the beds and leave some droppings. Great!

Rick said...

What a beautiful view from your window !

And a bountiful harvest from your garden !

GreatGranny said...

Carrie, I copied all my blogs that I wanted to keep,to blogspot. I have 2 blogspots. The other is just for transferring some to mine and Kassey, just haven't yet. I'd like to follow 'Wildflower' for whenever she might feel like

© Liz said...

love your blog!

I like your lifestyle...

Big hug

Lisa said...

I had a hard time getting to this one . I guess it didnt show today for some reason.
Lovely post and photos. I do remember some of these. Hard to forget any photos you have taken.
Im sore today. Its wet here and not sure if I over worked which is more than likely it or its the weather.

Hope all is well Carrie. Thanks always for stopping with your kind words and you always do encourage me to keep on going just when I think for some reson it could be time to quite.
Hugs and many