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January 21, 2011

Winter at the Salton Sea

The dawning of day brings to the Salton Sea a beauty only reflected by a jewel that sits in the middle of an otherwise dry and cracked desert basin. 

  P3040044  P3040063

The sea occupies the lowest portion of a structural basin called the Salton Trough, a seismically active valley that lies at the southern end of the San Andreas Fault and marks the northern extent of the Gulf of California Rift Zone.  Millions of years ago this area all lay below the waters of the ocean.  Throughout its 10,000-year life span, Lake Cahuilla, which since 1905 has been known as The Salton Sea, has had a tough existence.  The meandering Colorado River changed course numerous times over the centuries filling the Salton Sink area.  Then silt would build up on the Colorado closing the flow into the Salton Sink.  The lake would over years dry up till the next flood.  The lasted being in around 1904.  The Salton Sea is California's largest lake.  It is the 3rd largest saline lake in the nation.  Its surface elevation is 227 feet below sea level.  The average depth is 29.9 feet, its deepest is about 50 feet.  The Sea is approximately 35 miles long and at it widest about 15 miles.  It sits surround by San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains to the west, the Orocopia Mountains to the north, and the Chocolate Mountains to the east.

During the 60's and 70's the popularity of the Salton Sea for recreation and fishing was at its highest.  Due to the drying of the Sea the salinity is increasing to levels that will soon no longer support wildlife which the sea and surrounding area is rich with.  So begins the controversy over the sea.  Should it be allowed to die a natural death as it has over thousands of years or should the government step in and try to save the Sea.

Many come to this area and are blind to the beauty that is here.  They only see dying fish, birds and a brown murky water.  But as in all things natural there is a beauty to be found when the mind is open to see it.  Let me share with you the beauty I see at the Salton Sea. P3040050 


The shores of the sea are full of textures and patterns.  P3070056    pastel


The Sea itself full of colour and reflections.
Sea view   pastel sea (4)

As the twilight begins the pastels immerge.

Soon the monster and maiden of the Sea will only be dark figures.pastel ladies   


With every passing moment as the sun is setting to the west
I always look to the east and south over the sea
as the pinks and purples come aglow.
 purple haze sea   P3030035


Never turning your back to any direction as the colour is all around you.
To the north where the mountains seem to meet the Sea the clouds always create a brush stroke of beauty to add to the scene. P3070057 

As the moon rises casting a light of beauty so ends our day at the sea.   Moonrise

I hope you enjoyed the beauty of the sea as I enjoy it during the few winter months we spend here.  We have been coming to this area for over 20 years now.  I don’t have everyday internet access while here so my blogs and visits will be few. 

Wishing those with cold winter months the bright rays of the sun to warm your soul…

Till Then..

Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…

Whatever it is to you.......

Photos & Words

Here I Am/Carrie


john bord said...

Some people just won't let nature run its course, sounds like the global warming people want to step in and play little tin gods.
Nice set of pics and notes.

Have you considered using a cell phone connection chip for ISP, price is about the same, 30-40 month.

GreatGranny said...

You have a beautiful warm place to spend Winter, lovely colors and good photos. Enjoy the warmth and beauty.

JennyD said...

This was a most fascinating and incredibly beautiful post, Carrie. I never knew the history behind it all; but I do know one thing: leave it to you to find the most spectacular sights and capture them on film. Super good entry :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Carrie, very glad you can relax in warmer Salton Sea. the colors just amazing, i like your attitude to appreciate the beauty of nature. as like you said, one can alway find beauty when the mind is open.
Here the day time is getting longer, but it just come into the coldest season, yesterday it was -61C with wind chill.
hope warmer weather can also help you get health come back faster.

Becky said...

I enjoyed your photos and story very much as I, too, have a special fondness for the Salton Sea. Long may it thrive.

Karolyn said...

Hi Carrie, beautiful pictures of Salton Sea. How are you? I think the long journey to the South was not the best wehn back pains...
I hope you can rest and relax, and recover before going back to your ranch for a new gardening season.
I'm still in Sao Paulo, I really enjoy to be in Summer! I'll fly to Europe end of next week, but just for a week... I miss Nougat.
Take care,

DaveOnFidalgo said...

I also see the beauty. It's a bit like Badwater in Death Valley, except more water. I am glad you corrected my geography. For some reason, I had Salton Sea up north of S.F. in my head. Don't know why. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

I love your prose, as well as your photography. Thanks for brightening my day :-)
Be well,
Jorge Medico

Connie said...

Carrie, I love seeing the Salton Sea through your eyes. This morning I went for a walk and saw beauty in things I normally don't notice, as a result of your influence. Unfortunately I didn't take my time it's going along. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog article and photos. They capture the mood of that area well. I’d love to visit there some day.
Is there any type of law enforcement presence at all? Surely this area is under some agency’s jurisdiction. What an eerie, beautiful and strange place.

JennyD said...

Ok, Carrie, when you see this next:
Listen up! I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Go to my page to copy it and put it onto your page and then do a blog with 7 things about you and pass it on to 15 more bloggers. Whew. You can do it, I just did :D

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Wonderful shots, educational post and I enjoyed your description of the natural beauty. As far as the government stepping in goes, every time man tries to interfere with nature it only creates more problems. For what it's worth I say let nature take it's course.

GreatGranny said...

Carrie, I'm back here. I have a Stylish blogger Award that I would like to pass to you, if you will accept it. Just Right click, save it to your computer and then add to your blog. I chose to tell 7 things about Kassey which is what it is about...7 things we may not know about each other.
You have a good one about Wildflower. I told how Kassey came to live with me.

Janie2 said...

NICE set of Salton Sea photos! I have been there several times but never took photos such as yours. You are AMAZING! I will be back...

Anonymous said...

Hey, just stopping by to give you a ‘shout out’ and say hello. Tomorrow is Wednesday, we’re half way thru the week. The weekend couldn’t come soon enough! Weekends don’t pay as well as weekdays but at least they are more fun!

Anonymous said...

hi carrie and gunter, your photos are unreal, thanks for sharing, how are you enjoying your new place. take care, lyndamae and bryan