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August 30, 2011

It’s Been A Very Sweet Week

It has been a very busy week with picking our harvest of sour cherries and other berries.  I have lots more picking ahead to do as things continue to ripen.  Our sour cherries have kept me the busiest. 


The sour cherry tree was loaded, this photo is after we have already picked over 60lbs of cherries.  I expect to pick another 50lbs then just leave the rest for the birds and whatever else wants to come and eat them.


Here is my picking container.  An old pop bottle with the top cut off with a short cord that hooks over my head so the container sits right on my chest.  Not to long so it doesn’t get hooked up on branches when leaning in to do your picking.


I had to sit and pit almost 30lbs already more yet to do after I pick them.  Our freezer is already full from freezing many bags with their pits in them.  As I have so many I may try making wine out of the ones I froze.  I will do that later this fall.  Just don’t have time to try it right now.

Sour Cherry

Those that I pitted I canned and made jam with.


It’s always a good feeling when the canning is done.  However when putting the jam in my pantry I realized I had about 8 jars still from last year.


They all look so luscious and now ready for pies and deserts.


Along with the cherries I have also finished picking black currants and red currants.  I am still picking raspberries.


Also producing now are my strawberries.  I know most of you have long finished with strawberries, but my growing season is so short that I am often a couple months behind.  Most years I get frost just when the strawberries are ripe so I guess this is a good year for them. 


I don’t have a lot of strawberries so they are just eaten fresh.


My raspberries are plump and ripening.  I just freeze some and make jam later and use for smoothies for next summer.  With the fresh ones I make one gallon of liquor that’s take about 6 months before they are ready. 
Just in time for Christmas.


I have been lucky this year the chickmunks and squirrels as well as the wasp have not discovered them.  But everyday I go out and pick a container full.


These are our 1st grapes which are being grown in the greenhouse.  Hubby just had to have some grapes even though they might not make it grown outside, but they have done well in the greenhouse covering an entire window with their vines, which have help to keep the greenhouse cooler.


As I had to make room in the freezer so I went ahead and pulled my bags of rhubarb out and started my rhubarb wine.  It will take almost 4 months before it is ready. 


I am sure I will only have a short break then my other fruit trees will be ready to start harvesting.   With plums, apples and pears still to go.

My garden has been a big disappointment this year. I have a mole that is eating all my potatoes.  My peas are only now producing.  My beans never recovered from the late frost we had beginning of July. 


I have lots of onions and lettuce.  I only just finished harvesting the last of my radishes that were planted in June and they were still good.  Many of my cold weather stuff is doing alright, but no squash so far. 


Oh but of course my flowers have been the best ever.   Just can’t keep my garden weeded like I use too with my back and shoulder problems.  I don’t enjoy it as much anymore as I see so much that needs to be done in it, but just can’t do it.


Well to add to my sweet week I also received 
Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

Thank you Janie2 for given me this award.  If you don’t know her already please visit her wonderful blogs and photos at

Standard Blog Award Rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 12 more deserving blogs.

Ok I guess I have to now share 7 random facts about me and let me warn you I have opened up a bit here as normally I never share much about myself personally. 

1. I have been in every state in the United States and lived in Maine, Louisiana, Texas and Washington.  I was a Boeing Brat and our vacations and weekends were all camping.  Now here in Canada I rarely get the chance to go camping.  But where I live is like camping to many people.

2. I can’t spell worth a bean and use poor grammar when writing and speaking, but really don’t care.  My friends miss my hand written letters before I had spell check.  They always got such a chuckle.  Many of you have seen it on my comments or even here.

3. I lived here at the ranch for the 1st 4 years without power and running water.  I know how to go without if I have too.  I know I could survive in the bush as well.  Must have been all those years spent camping .

4. I have never had much energy and whenever I try to be like other people who do I end up crashing feeling sad and exhausted.  Sometimes I feel I’ve missed many things in life I wanted to try but just couldn’t muster the energy to do it.  So at this time in my life I am learning to except and appreciate who I am (a thinker not a doer) and the life I am still blessed with.

5.  I don’t share my feelings well with other people.  I could easily be a recluse.  However I love being connected with people thru the internet.  I am more comfortable here then physically with people.   I have always felt a real connection with nature and feel totally comfortable with it.

6. When I was a teenager I had 2 dreams.  One was to live in a Victorian style house with a picket fence and have a load of children.  The 2nd was to live in the mountains in a log house away from everything and everybody.  I think I had a split personality.  Well life’s circumstance led me to the log house far from everyone and no children.  I will always regret not at least adopting children, but looking back don’t think I would have had the energy to raise them.

7. My passion is photography.  Something that doesn’t require a lot of energy and I do have a natural eye for.  It comes from my sense that everything has to be in balance with it surroundings and seeing details in what I look at.  From colors to shapes to placement, I tend to arrange everything in my house that way.  If I don’t feel it’s in balance with everything I have to move or remove it.  Photography has brought  me a sense of balance to my life where I can share a part of me.  I can’t write with a hoot, but my photos helped me to share words that are buried inside me.  I tried crafts for a few years because everyone else was doing it and was told one should find something to be creative at.  I hated the time it took for something to be finished and was never satisfied with my work.   I do wish I had more time to get involved with more photography sites but found when I did I just couldn’t keep up so quit or closed the accounts.  I have depended on my photo blogging friends here for inspiration and new ways to look at things. So with my love of photography I really need to move it to the next level and buy a proper camera, that’s my dream now but just don’t know if I will have the energy and time to learn all that I will have to regarding a bigger camera and it’s use.  I love the ease and simplicity of my little pocket camera and that is what I use for all my photos.

Well now that I got that off my shoulders here are 12 blog sites that I would like to share.  I am picking ones that are a bit different from what most of my close blog friends visit.  I wanted to share ones you might not already know so check them out if you like.


Well that took me forever.  Had to quit for awhile as getting the links my computer starting working over time and quit working.

Hope you have a sweet week
and a
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
Whatever it is to you.

Photos & Words
Here I Am/Carrie 



TexWisGirl said...

1st, your berries and cherries look bountiful and delicious.

2nd, congrats on your sweet award! :)

3rd, your #3 is amazing. and I really enjoyed getting to know #4, 5, 6 & 7. i can relate to a bit of hermitage, having no children, not full of the gang-buster energy some folks have, and enjoying the social connection via internet. :)

michiko said...

Congrats on your sweet award Lisa, I has one too given by TAMAGO she is Japanese lady and Thank you to Janie2.
What a lovely photos from your garden
the all berries that make me hungry.
You are very lucky lady that all around a beautiful natural land which you lived.
I'm sure you need to works hard around in the years but worth doing that:-)
By the way how is your back Lisa?
Please take care of your back and hope you don't do too much in once.

Arlene said...

What a fantastic garden full of goodness you have, and what a wonderful life, goodness, you say you have no energy, I find it hard to believe with all that picking , pickling and bottling, it seems you don't sit still.
Congratulations on your award, and thanks for sharing your 7 things. I enjoyed reading through them. Be good to yourself.

Kaya said...

Dear Carrie, first of all I congratulate you on your blog award. You deserved it so much. And I would like to share a joy with you. Congratulations!!!! You have an amazing blog and you are a wonderful and amazing person.

And I know seven things about you I didn't know before. And I found out that I relate to #4, #5 and #7.

Well, you were busy and everyone can see it. You did such a tremendous job picking all these berries and preparing jams and other delicious things of them. Wow! I really admire you for that. I am not sure I could do so much as you did it.

And pictures are beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. And very delicious. Love all of them very much.

Greetings from Kaya.

michiko said...

Dear Carrie,
I'm very sorry to mixed up your name to Lisa.
Please accept my apologies for being
caress my mistaken.
Thank you for your visit Carrie.
Enjoy your day,

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Thank you everyone for you visit. Just wanted to let you know I will be busy for a few days. Trying to get some photos ready to enter our fall fair this weekend. Something I have wanted to do for years just never took the time to do it. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Will try and get by to visit as soon as I can. Hugs Carrie

Ramblingon said...

OH my goodness me! Those fruits look so luscious and tempting and all are my favorites. Especially cherries. I LOVE those and eat as much as a pound at a time till I a bloated and hurting. :-)

You..low energy? It seems that would be the last thing I would ever say about you as you have so much physical labor at your garden and canning. Never mnd the upkeep of everything. I have always marveled at your energy and ability to get it all done. I mean that sincerey.

I so enjoyed learning more about you. I did one of those blog memes for the cay=t but I can't imagine doing it for me as a human. :-))) But we human bloggers should all do one just as you did. Then we can understand one another better.

You DO have a natural eye. I have to fight for every picture unless it's what I love doing the and close-ups. :-)


Here I Am/Carrie said...

Many of you mentioned they thought I had a lot of energy for what I do here at the ranch. Well let me tell after doing many of the jobs here I do crash and burn for a couple days. No way can I do it on a daily basis like some people. If I have to go hard at it for 3 days in a row I want to lay flat on my back for a couple of days I am so exhausted both mentally and physically. I can only do it in spurts and that's generally what I share here. That's why I don't blog very often. Still busy this weekend with company coming. I know by Monday I will be crashing. Everyone else have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Carrie

Admiral Hestorb said...

I would be the same in several days...crash and burn..

Admiral Hestorb said...

Those cherries and other fruits make my mouth water! YUM!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Oh my goodness. Carrie.I really dont know anyone that works as hard as you outside blogland. Just amazing photos that is for sure. I looked at the berries and almost feel that I can reach out and touch them . Each looks so good . Love your still life photography and Im sure you and hubby will enjoy all this labor of love for months to come and the rest of the year however you use it.
Loved this blog. Its my second time here.
I have been out with a chest infection and just starting to feel better.
Im off to get veggies from my garden to make soup . Just veggie soup with bacon. Its easy to make on a hot day.
Were finally having summer.
Hope you are too. Its hot. Not warm here hot. The swathers are out and the some canola is being cut and then the barley and down the line.
Have a fantastic next few days . Get some rest and or get out and play.
Much Love

Lisa RedWillow said...

Now Im have just read your thread.
Get some rest and play . It works for me. :)

Leovi said...

How wonderful, precious pictures, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, ... That rhubarb wine should be delicious, I keep imagining how it will taste. I love berries. Greetings.

Light-In-A-Box said...

Hello Carrie! Thanks for your recent visit! Oh my what an incredible harvest of fruit! My little veggie garden did very poorly this year, I may give up!
Congrats on your award!
If you don't mind I also would like to pass along the Sunshine award to you! Your kind words & awesome blogs I feel are worth it!
I don't know where it originated but it says pass along to 10 others, I know this is a lot of work so I would at best say pass along to a few at least & enjoy!
I'm so busy I think I can only pass it along to a few & I thought of you!
You can pick it up at my blog, just copy/paste or "save as".
Thank you!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Carrie....First off, thanks for including me in your list of 12. Although I try to be an award free is always so very thoughtful for someone to think of me.

Secondly....I loved reading more about energy...hugh??? How in the world could you can a gazillion cherries, pick a kabillion other kind of berries, and make rhubarb wine to boot....if you had no energy.....LOL LOL LOL. BTW.....does rhubarb wine taste like rhubarb?

I loved this post and am so glad this award was given to you as we learned a little more about you.



Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Carrie, First of all I just want to tell you that I just love the window to your world. Your header is Absolutely Gorgeous. I loved reading your update, and your photos are superb and will be no matter what camera you use. You do have an eye and I think you are a natural when it comes to photography.
You will do just fine when you finally bite the bullet and get another camera. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your ranch but just look at how far you have come.
Photography is your passion and you will learn as you go. Take it a step at a time and you always have the camera that you have now as a back up.:) You will do just fine. :)

As far as energy goes, you do work very hard, and you have the fruit of your labor and the pictures to prove it. Wow, that is alot of work, and it is quite an accomplishment to be so self reliant.
Congrats on your Sweetness Award. You well deserve it.
Well I had better run. We have a meeting to attend tonight and hubby is patiently waiting on me.
Have a great week Carrie.
Hugs, Dianne :)

Becky said...

I simply love sour cherries. I grew up with them as a kid on a farm in the middle of Iowa. When I moved to California, I had to go in search of them. Amazingly enough you can find them north of Los Angeles. Thanks for the memory jog.

I also made a raspberry liqueur from our hillside raspberries this year. I would love to know how you make yours. I have also made apricot, rhubarb, crabapple (my favorite), plum, and walnut.

Arti said...

Delicious post! I would love to dig into those wonderfully fresh cherries and berries and off course the home made jam:)
Looks Yummy!
Have a fabulous weekend:)

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Never heard of sour cherries. Fabulous. You have a bountiful garden and you do well keeping up with canning, freezing, and eating. Hope you have a restful weekend.

Leovi said...

I love your imagination, your comments are very gratifying, as long as you get these delicious products of nature.

Janie said...

Yeah I love your header too. Gals like you make the rest of us strong. I use to can, does that count? I am in Montana on the road now where I see lots of people growing cherries and all their food, they prepare for the winter as YOU do.
Hey I was thrilled to read more about you on the sweet award. Lots I think I already knew about you. Because I am sort of a private person too. SO glad you shared with us. When do you sit down?

Mei said...

You make me look so small Carrie, I used to do some Jam making and grown vegi... hubby take over now... he like carry on jam making... just for me! :-)

Beautiful photos and I love your cherries... look so yummmmmy! Thank you for sharing all your fruity and life on this wonderland with us. Big hugs, Mei

Marco Alpha said...

Hello Carrie,
Nice shots!!
Wonderful all that delicious fruit.
I would like some of it,..hhmmmm...!!

Greetings, Marco

GreatGranny said...

I can relate to #n4,5, and I loved living out of town, having fruit trees and a garden. I enjoy internet friends more than being around people other than my family and my cat.
Your home as I've said before is like a paradise and you and hubby have worked hard. It's no wonder you've got no energy, Slow down and rest.
Congrats on the very deserved award.