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September 15, 2011

Building Dreams Renovations of Old Shop

After 3 summers of slowing adding on and putting a new roof on the old shop, the work is finally done.


Work began 3 summers ago when we decided to pour concrete on the floor of the open shed.  The dust was always all over everything that was stored in there.  It was also decided maybe we should put a foundation under as it had been built directly on the ground.  The previous owners had built this shed in the early 80’s.

P9070044_tn  P9070045_tn

Once that was done we decided to add a carport the next summer.  More concrete mixing again.

P8070024_tn  P8070028_tn

Slowly that began to take shape with all the timber hubby had cut on the sawmill.  You also get a good idea here what the shed looked like before work started.

P8080002_tn  P7060004_tn

Well for the 1st time in 20 years we had a place under cover to park our car.  So nice in the winter.


Now to summer of 2011 early summer began with logging again for trees to cut lumber on the sawmill for the new raised roof on the old part of the building. 

P5260011_tn  P7290019_tn

Before starting on the new roof some trees close to the shed needed cutting.  At 73 hubby still climbs up to trim branches before cutting down the tree.  With a vehicle pulling one way and another friend and me pulling the other the tree landed perfectly.  As you can see it could have landed on our house.  There were 3 trees in total one was only 7 inches from the shed.  It was also laid perfectly right on top of the other one.

P7050016_tn     P7050025_tn

Ready to begin work and decide on the slope we want and how high to go.  Some framing begins.  But still have to remove the old roof.

P7110001_tn  P7310023_tn

It was up and down ladders hundreds of times for hubby.  Finally the old roof was completely removed.  Only one accident.  When one rafter had been cut and I was holding it to push over the wall I pushed hubby off the ladder so he let go of his end and my end came back down on my head.  Lucky I had my sweat shirt hood on for padding.

P8010008_tn  P8020021_tn

Now that all the old roof had been removed hubby began framing with beams and lumber.

P8040021_tn  P8040051_tn

Ladders everywhere, but it was starting to take shape.  The area was a disaster zone of old material, new material, saws and tools.

P8100005_tn  P8100006_tn

Finally the new metal roof was put on and windows put in.  Rough cut siding from our mill was added to the top new portion.

P8210001_tn  P9140037_tn

New and raised roof.  The inside is so nice now with lots of light that we had lost when the carport had been added.  Now hubby has a clean place for his saws and a nice work area.


I am one of the luckiest ladies to have a man who loves to build whatever I design.  He is the doer I am the designer.  Together we make a great working team.

May you have someone in your life that balances with your talents and have a
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
What ever it is to you..

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Here I Am/Carrie