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July 11, 2014

Spring Moments 2014

Well another couple of months have passed filled with so much more then I can even begin to share.  Life is full, what can I say.

Now I am sure I had told myself I wasn’t going to garden or do flowers this summer as I knew I had a lot of other work projects that really needed attention, but once a gardener always a gardener, I just couldn’t stop myself.  In the greenhouse I soon had it filled with every pot with starting seeds and creating hanging baskets.
Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

Soon the rains came along with melting snows and rising waters.  We had our road washed out at one point and lost a stretch of our fencing which we had only replaced a few years ago,  other then that we were lucky and not major damage.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

Another year older and a beautiful birthday was spent having breakfast on the deck, then going for a bike ride just up our dirt road.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

I am a very big recycling person and am so glad to see our dump include all types of plastics now as well as milk cartons and many more plastics and styrofoam's.   Our dump will hopefully last for many more years.  We have a really great dump for recycling so many different things.  It takes a bit more extra time cleaning the cans, glass and stopping at the different locations at the dump to empty your recycling.  Just wish more people would take the time.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

Well is wasn’t long after returning from our winter home down south that soon all our woodsy friends starting appearing to greet us for the spring.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

Now I know many of you are probably wondering what is happening with that little acreage we bought last winter.   Well amazing how life’s paths can change.  Seem our tenant moved out of our rental in town right on the river that we have own for 20 years and we decided to not rent it anymore and was thinking we would sell it.  Well after spending a couple of nights and enjoying the private backyard and being right in town yet right on the edge of nature we may just have a complete change of retirement location.  We haven’t even had a chance to spend at the new property as any extra time is now spent at the house in town cleaning it and trying to get the yard green again.  Many repairs need to be done there.  News and photos of there coming next blog.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

When the days warmed up and the grass turned green life was good here at the ranch with all the fruit trees blossoming and the garden ready for planting.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

What ‘s spring without some spring flowers and this year I was blessed with many.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

My flowers don’t even begin till almost middle of May as our season is so far behind.  But when it does come all the planting I spent years doing suddenly paints my landscape with so many different colors.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

By middle of June it is time for the first harvest of rhubarb which I bag and freeze it all for later use in the fall for wine and jams.  During the summer lots of rhubarb crisps are also made.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

Sheaba’s world is forever changing, upon returning back to the ranch, she was fearful and hesitant for a while.  But since the weather has warmed and sunny days with no wind she is much happier.  She now comes to us while we are sitting to be pet and snuggled with her tail wagging.  I am now trying to teach her to lay down.  Even with treats it is a fearful moment for her to be asked to do something, but today she laid down with a gentle nudge on her back.  With all the flies and mosquitoes out now she again prefers to spend all day in the house between her walks.  She showing so much more affection for us even though she can still run away when feeling fearful.  But with all her lying around she is gaining too much weight.  I think I will have to cut her food down.  But so many people always comment how beautiful she is and what a healthy coat she has.  I do spend a fortune on her dry dog food.  But cancer and many other problems on the rise with our pets I believe the food is a great cause , along with environmental exposure. 

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

Our animals all seem to have some sort of social problems.  Siriun our cat is now 8 years old and is the laziest cat I have ever met.  I have to throw him outside.  He used to be a great hunter when we had our other cat Wildflower, but without her outside as well he doesn’t want to go out. So he sleeps, sleeps and eats and sleeps.  He never even gets active in the house.  We have a new to us couch and he does enjoy now snuggling next to me while I am sitting there working on my laptop. He really needs to go on a diet.  But his only joy seems to come from eating.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

Well the summer flowers are blooming now and I have taken a trip to Oregon for a family wedding, and so many other projects and gardening activities keeping me so busy this summer it’s hard to get a blog out, work on my greeting card project  or even less time to visit.  I find more and more it is easier and faster to stay up to date with my long blogging friends on Facebook.  But I will continue to try and get a blog out here now and then.

Spring Moments 2014 by Here I Am Carrie

So as I say goodbye to spring and now summer is in full swing, with a visitor now and then we take a break from all our work and enjoy the moment and view.  May you also take a moment now and then to enjoy the company of friends and take in your surrounding and be thankful for all the wonders that life has to offer.
And have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
Whatever it is to you.
Photos & Words
Here I Am Carrie


Nancy J said...

You fill my heart with joy as I read your words and see your photos. Truly, a wonderful place to be, love Sheaba's pics, she has come such a long way, and the tulips flowers!!! Wow. Plans can change, and maybe for all good reasons, time will show you the way. Hugs to you both, Jean.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Love your photos Carrie. Specially the last one. What a wonderful view from your deck. Another year or 2 and Sheaba will not have any more fears. She sure does look very happy now.

Joe said...

You're blogs remind me of stories I used to read in various outdoor magazines...I really love that! You live in a place that we'd only vacation in once in a while. Blessings to you my friend.

Penny Whiteway said...

Hiya Carrie. It is always nice to read how things are going with you and yours. As always, the photos are beautiful.
I also have a lazy, fat, tabby cat.Gotta love them.

Gayle said...

The view from you deck is amazing. I believe I would spend a lot of time there. *sigh* gardening... we just can't get away from it or cut back, can we? I went way over-board and still haven't finished planting. I even set up another greenhouse for tomatoes and still three 20 away. I've got to plan better so it's not so hard for me. I know what you mean about blogging. I haven't done it in months. I am a facebook addict now. It's easy and quick. I'll see what I can do about making a post or two in between my too many projects. Enjoy the summer.

Daniel LaFrance said...

So good to find you busy as ever and enjoying the company of guests whenever they pop by.

Your photos are a delight.

Buttons said...

Oh I love all your guests and your pets are not lazy they are comfortable and loved so it is OK.
We have a house in the village away from the farm and sometimes we think of moving there but we are trying to fix it up to rent we cannot leave the farm yet.
Your photos are wonderful and Happy Belated Birthday. You have a great well deserved life. HUGS B

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos with us, Carrie! You are amazing! Enjoy your summer. Greetings, Heidi

goatman said...

It continues to amaze me, after 67 years, how the spring brings forth greenery of so many types and flowers for our appreciation.
A bit of warm weather and POW life everywhere. Nice photos.

GreatGranny said...

I so enjoyed this as always. I wonder if Siriun is missing Wildflower. He is a beautiful cat.
I too agree about the pet foods not being so healthy for them.
Thank you for visiting again. It was so nice to hear from you.