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September 21, 2008

What's growing in the Greenhouse

My Greenhouse a dream come true..  That story and the details of the greenhouse to come later.   You know, on those cold winter nights....So for now lets just see what's growing this week.
 This is my growing area. Its faces southeast with full windows and only has 2 skylights.

My eggplants this year are producing abundantly.
  Everything is grown organically in plastic pots with a drip water system on timer.  Once a week I hand water to give them a good soaking right down thru the pots.   About once a month I add about 1 cup purchased organic fertilizer.  I use to make my own manure tea but the smell was too much sometimes.

 The eggplant produces beautiful flowers as well.

 Everyone's favourite.  The juicy red Tomatoes.
I have 4 different varieties.
  I trim older leaves and don't let them get to tall by pinching tops.  If allowed and fed enough they would turn the greenhouse into a jungle.  So keeping them smaller requires less nutrients and water.  They continue to sprout from lower branches producing more tomatoes.

 The humidity can be very high when the doors and windows are kept closed, but these plants just love it.  Generally because of the direction the greenhouse is facing and not many skylights it only gets highs in about 90's Fahrenheit or 30's Celsius on the worst of the hottest day. 

 The greenhouse is heated with a wood stove during the winter months when needed.   If its a good sunny day the stove doesn't have to be lit.  But with continued  cloudy days temperatures will drop below freezing.

 Here is a sweet pepper that will turn red later on.

 I use no insecticides.   When needed I use a mix of smashed garlic little liquid soap and water.  I have not had any bug problems now for 2 years.... I have lots of real spiders and of course these giants that guard the greenhouse.   You will also see a dried snake... 
If this guy doesn't scare the bad insects away I don't know what will. 

 Here is a regular green pepper which if left on will also turn red. 

 Last of the greenhouse dwellers, the mighty hot pepper.

 I hand pollinate all the flowers in the greenhouse with a small paint brush.  Its a lot of extra work but during those times I am making a direct connection with each individual plant.   Its like stroking a pet ,it can be very soothing .  
  Hope you enjoyed the tour of what's growing in the greenhouse.  I wish I could have given you the variety of all the plants and what organic fertilizer I use,  but I tend to do these blogs at such wee hours of the morning I don't have time to go around and get all the info I know I should be passing on.
This is still a very busy time of the season and I have been trying to visit all my new space friends.  I don't know how you all keep up on all this.  Its almost 3:30am and I have company coming for breakfast and more coming for dinner today........But I have found something I have a passion for and can share.....
Good Morning...Good Afternoon...Good Night...
Whatever it is to you.
Here I Am/Carrie

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Eddie Two Hawks said...

I completely enjoyed the script and photos presented here. Your garden is beautifull!!! I want to reach out and pick the peppers!! you're making me hungrey...

got your message, see ya again soon!