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August 30, 2014

Sum Sum Summer Time 2014

Ok where did I leave off on my last blog about Spring.  Here it is the end of summer and I am camping right now so have some time to blog.   This is our first time to camp this summer and it is a few days away from the end of August, but we are here at our favourite place Davis Lake Recreations site here in BC Canada only an hour or so from our home.  So let’s just start from where I am right now Davis Lake.

Well the first couple days for me was just relaxing and reading.  Then weather cooled and I spent many hours inside the motorhome with a spectacular views of the lake working on photos and this blog.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

My hubby of course was out fishing the whole time.  Finally when the weather cooled he was getting bigger trout, the biggest caught was 19 inches. Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Mornings and evenings always bring a change to the lake scene.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

One night we had some close friends come for dinner and enjoy a beautiful evening as the sun set behind the hills.Photos by Here I Am Carrie 


End of June I went to Oregon to a nephews wedding and while down there did a little sight seeing at Silver Falls State Park and Oregon Gardens Resort as well as stop in and see an old friend.

I really do enjoy capturing special moments at weddings with my family.  However I would hate to do it professionally.  Way too much pressure.
Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Silver Falls State Park
It rained off and on my visit t here but the falls were spectacular.  Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Oregon Gardens Resort
My sister and I spent one night at this resort that included acres and acres of these beautiful gardens that we first took a narrated tour on a small trolley, then later walked most the gardens.
Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

 Visiting Old Friend
I always love to stop in a visit an old friend while going through Washington and we went and visited her horse for the afternoon.
Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Trip to Shuswap Lake
My hubby and I were invited by some friends to stay a couple nights at a resort they were staying at.  What a treat that was.  Luxury to us.  The drive down first was very scenic.
Photos by Here I Am Carrie

What a treat to relax here the weather just broke from a rain storm the evening we arrive and gave us nothing but sun the next couple of days.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

I rose early the first morning to go down to the water.  I felt all alone on the lake.  It was so quiet with the sun just coming up.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

The evening lights from the resort were just beautiful.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

This summer was not all trips of course much time was spent at our ranch working and enjoying it. 


The garden got off to a good start early summer.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

But as we were gone often the baby marmots kept eating all my lettuce and greens.  Somehow flowers are now taking over the vegetable garden.  But something that I am getting for the first time this year is squash in the garden.  Photos by Here I Am Carrie

I won’t have much to harvest in the garden this year just lots of potatoes, onions, turnips, kale, carrots and lots of garlic. but had plenty of berries to harvest.  It was a very berry couple of weeks.Photos by Here I Am Carrie


The beginning of the summer found our deck very bare looking when I first set all my pots of flowers out I started in the greenhouse.  But it didn’t take long for the heat of summer to bring color to our deck again.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

I wasn’t going to do flowers this summer, but somehow did and was surrounded by them all over our property. Right now I will begin collecting my annual seed to carry on the flowers for the next year.  I have been saving flower seeds for 20 years.  Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Just a glimpse of the many perennials I have in my flower beds.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

This June and July we had so many wildflowers and many new varieties.Photos by Here I Am Carrie


I was blessed one morning to sit and watch a fly catcher bring food to her babies as they had just left the nest.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Well the marmots are still here, but we had some new visitor this year.  We have bunnies in around the house, not good as they have munched a few things now.  But I was able to see some otters that came down the creek and got some really great photos and videos of them.Photos by Here I Am Carrie


Our Part Time Home

Well I guess for those of you who follow me know I spoke of a new property
we purchased last winter and was going to start work there is summer.  Well our tenant in our rental house in town moved out and we decided not to rent it right now as we had owned it for over 20 years and wanted to spend a little time there.  So many weekend from July through August we would go there and work a bit, and I was also able to go to a few Saturday flea markets in town and set up for selling my greeting  cards.  But mostly just enjoy being close to town yet right on the river and wonderful walks on the dikes and trail systems right from our back yard.  Now we may want to down size there.  Still will spend some time at the new property in October.  But here is a glimpse of the walks we take from our little house on the river in out town.

Going north east up the river we follow the trail to where our two rivers in town meet.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

When we go South east up the river we follow it for awhile then cut over to the Kettle Valley Trail.  There is so much wildlife right here in our town.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

Once back on the Kettle Valley trail we go through the old train tunnel and come out at the other river and the old train bridge.   The walk takes just over an hour.  Where the trail passes by town it is all lit with lights at night.Photos by Here I Am Carrie

We are seriously thinking of downsizing to town as we really do love it there.   

My Folks New Business
Ok my folks are in their 80’s and have started a new internet business selling outdoor recreations and sports gear along with  emergency stuff.  I think my stepbrother got them all set up and started.   They only ship in the United States so check them out if you are interested in camping gear and more.  Great sales on right now.  Also check out their about page to see the cute photo of them.  My stepmom does the blogs for the sales site.  They just keep plugging away  in life.


 Creations by Here I Am Carrie
Well I finally got out this summer to sell some of my greeting cards at our local outdoor venues. 
My first time out was at our local Saturday flea market and I didn’t sell anything, but was learning a great deal watching the other vendors.
Photos by Here I Am Carrie

The next week I was back again and this time put a little music on behind my display and made some sales.  I always look so tiny compared to the other vendors as I only have a patio umbrella.  I usually had to pack up by 1pm as it got to hot.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

We had a music fest in town my 3rd weekend and I set up on the closed street along with other vendors for 2 full days and did really well with my sales. I had a great display and was really getting the hang of talking to people.
Photos by Here I Am Carrie

So I am back at the ranch didn’t even get this blog finished up while camping.  Already put in 3 hours in the garden this morning.  We are heading camping again in 10 days so I am going to have a very busy week.  The temps. have cooled down finally after a very hot summer, but that also means soon we will be getting frost here at the ranch.  There no longer seems to be an end to the work ahead with too many properties and trying to squeeze in extra activities.  Feeling very overwhelmed again trying to do it all.  I swear next summer no annual flowers and only potatoes, onions in the garden. 

So I hope that as your season ends you were able to accomplish all that you set out to do and have a
Good Morning….   Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
What ever it is to you.

Photos & Words
Here I Am Carrie