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November 22, 2008

Fall A Week of Work, Relaxation and Wildlife

A little look at our life in getting firewood, a relaxing Sunday walk and an unusual wildlife sighting.

The gathering of firewood begins in November...While cleaning up of the forest floor and branches from trees are burned at the same time.  Which helps to keep the forest fire hazard down around our property.  All trees cut are already standing dead so they can be used this winter.   We have no other heat in our house except wood.  We are blessed with all the supply we could ever use right on our property.

One of our many work vehicles used on the property.   I have owned this Datsun truck since 1979.  My husband has kept it running as well as all our vehicles and farm equipment all these years.  The Datsun is still running on the original motor.  It is gear lowed so has always made a great bush vehicle.  With only 2 wheel drive this truck has rarely ever gotten stuck..

PB020006   PB020020

This is our winter get around work vehicle as well as used in summer for camping, fishing and hunting.  It is a 87 Ford Ranger 4X4.  We have kept the truck in new condition all these years.  It is also running on the original motor.   

PB080071         PB080072

Time to start pulling some logs out that have been cut.....

   PB080074    PB080076 


   PB080081     PB080083

This is our farm work horse which has been used for haying, logging and many other activities over the past 16 years.    We knew nothing about tractors at the time.  Massey Furgusen 165.  We have no idea the age but it is very old. 


So much that has been done at our place could not have been accomplished without my husband.  He is still going strong at age 70

PB080088     PB080089

Trucks, trucks yes we are truck people...This is our 77 Ford 1 ton dually .  We have had this truck since 1986.  Used for haying, logging and bringing firewood home. 

PB110076    PB120108

Cutting, splitting and stacking

PB140004   PB140001

It was a busy work week with getting fire wood.  But when Sunday arrives it is a day off and time to take it easy.  This day we went for a long walk on the dirt road up our valley.  Winter is the only time we walk it as it is to dusty when a vehicle passes in the summer.  The creek runs along the the road giving some great photo shots.

Come take a Sunday stroll

No talking just stop and take a close look as I did and enjoy a simple walk.. 

   PB100002  PB100001    


PB100019   PB100021


PB100022   PB100023



 PB100026   PB100031





Home again




Bobcat sighting

Well many of you have heard me make reference that I can't get good shots with my little camera on wildlife.  Well here is a guy who was so consumed with getting his prey ( some grouse), he was basically ignoring me.  I was on my way up the hill to deliver lunch when I spotted him just 100 yards from out house.  As most of you know we now have no dog so I guess I should be watching out more for wildlife coming nearer to our home.  As I would get close, the grouse would move off and so would he...

PB120087    PB120091

I just continued to follow up the hill... I found him in a grassy area with some sapling trees.  He was just sitting watching the grouse intently.

PB120092    PB120102

I started slowly moving in clicking the camera.  I couldn't get close enough to see but I thought he may have had a neck monitor on or it may have been the tuffs that are off his necks.


 I was within 30 ft of him when finally he decided he'd had enough of me and bound off.


I believe he was just a young guy he looked like a 25lb cat in his body.  It was his legs that were big and long for his small body size.  4 years ago I just caught the tail end of one running away on one of my walks.  So this is special to actually see one and take a decent photo.  I am a little worried about our domestic cats now and our chickens.  Right now there is lots of grouse for him.


Memories of his presence.   The snow is almost all gone now but expecting more so should be able to better monitor his movement if he is hanging around our house.

So remember to work hard

Relax often and be apart of nature 

Hope you enjoyed our week at the Ranch

and don’t forget to have a
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
Whatever it is to you.

Photos & Words

Here I Am/Carrie

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