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January 12, 2009

Salvation Mountain

Come join me on a journey to Salvation Mountain.   You will be awe struck by the beauty in this form of visionary art and dedication to God which one man has created.  Located just east of Niland near Slab City in California.   I first learn about this place thru a travel magazine article.   So last winter while down in the desert near Salton Sea we decided to go visit . 

                Hope Mountain (2)

The following words were taken from the creator of Salvation Mountain  Leonard Knight's Blog site.                

Although I was never religious, one day I spontaneously started repeating "Jesus, I'm a sinner, please come into my heart." From that day forward, I made it my life's mission to bring "The Sinner's Prayer" to the world.

                 Hope Mountain View

I eventually setup camp at the entrance of Slab City, an abandoned military base filled with squatters, located just outside of Niland.  It was there that I started to construct Salvation Mountain, a giant 3-story monument to Jesus out of paint, old tires, and assorted junk. The first attempt at building my mountain was also unsuccessful, as after 4 years of construction, it suddenly collapsed.

             Hope Mountain 2

Undeterred, I prayed to God and developed a new method of construction through the use of adobe - a mixture of mud and hay which proved to be a much lighter and flexible building material.

                Hope Mountain stairs

However, my faith would be tested again, when the county threatened to bulldoze the mountain due to claims that the paint was polluting the ground water. Independent tests were conducted and it was soon proven that it was in fact not a "toxic nightmare." Outcry from the local community soon convinced the county to leave me alone.

  Hope Mountain Hobbit House    Hope Mountain Hobbit House courtyard

After 19 years of trial and error, I am still building my creation, which has attracted worldwide attention. I have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and television programs.

  Hope Mountain Hobbit House (2)    Hope Mountain Hobbit House inside (3)

The following words taken from Wikipidea 

Mr. Knight claims to have refused substantial donations of money and labor from supporters who wished to modify his message of universal love to favor or disfavor particular groups.  Salvation Mountain is the second most visited tourist attraction in Imperial County.

   Hope Mountain Hobbit House inside   Hope Mountain Hobbit House Inside (2)

Knight lives full-time at the site in a small cabin mounted on the rear of a 1930s-vintage Chevrolet two-ton truck. Like Salvation Mountain, Knight's Salvation Truck and a collection of other vehicles and machinery are entirely covered with paint and Biblical quotes as well.

              Hope Mountain Truck

He estimates that more than 100,000 gallons of paint have gone into the creation of the mountain and that every California-based paint manufacturer has donated paint to the project. Friendly and accessible, Knight welcomes visitors to Slab City and Salvation Mountain and gladly accepts donations of both labor and acrylic paint.                                       

 Hope Mountain truck (2)    Hope Mountain prayer room

  Photos below were taken at near by Slab City where a lot of squatters and snowbirds live.  There is a lot of artistic work to be found here amid the residents.

         Niland Ca Decorated Truck 

           Niland Ca Decorated Truck and Trailer

I found this video at Youtube of a tour with Leonard Knight of Salvation Mountain.  It really gives a good visual of the man and the mountain.  Do check it out.

Here are a couple more sites if you want more imformation on Salvation Mountain. Plus if you google it there is tons of other sites and articles.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Salvation Mountain and getting to know Leonard Knight.

So to all of you
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night

Whatever it is to you.......

Photos by

Here I Am/Carrie


Rocket Man said...

Absolutely incredible, Carrie!

GreatGranny said...

Very unusual and huge.

Gerry said...

Very interesting!

Eddie Two Hawks said...

What an amazing man. What an amazing story. What amazing photos!

Becky said...

Leonard Knight is one of a kind. We have chatted with him on a few occasions. Next time we intend to take some paint to him.