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August 30, 2009

A Fencing We Will Go

A fencing we will go, a fencing we will go, Hi Ho the dairy Oh

A fencing we will go……

Well many of you have heard me make reference to being busy often with fencing this past summer.

So here are the results…

Most of the work had to be done with a hand post pounder as we were on hills and through the woods.  Here we had to install a gate along with the new fencing.

P5260003    P8290012

Often the ground was so hard a hole had to be broken open before even pounding a post in.

 P5260008    P8290008

With only about 7 posts left to hand pound I had an injury and hubby had to do the work himself.  Pounding post. 
                 Rails and barbwire finished.

 P5290024    P8290003

    In the flat area we were able to use the pounder attached to the tractor.  This area we used all rails as we plan a corral.

  P6010016    P8290005

We thought we were done at this point with installing the new fencing, but soon realized the old fencing in our big field needed repairs and replacing.   So our job site moved down to the big field.


All posts and corners here had to be replaced
as they were so loose.

P8250039    P8270006

We had lost much of our fencing over the years at this point where it crosses the creek.  Between flooding and beaver dams the level changes constantly taking out much of the bank and eventually about 20 feet of our fencing.   Now new secure fencing crosses the creek.  The sticks in between the wires are called stays.  I had to replace all broken ones thru-out the whole big field.  Each strand of wire had to be secured to the stay with tire wire.  This ensures the cow can’t pull the wire apart and slip though.  The wrists get very sore after awhile twisting the wires for hundreds of stays.  Pounding posts sometime required some special engineering.  We both actually had to stand in the tractor bucket to pound this one.

P8250051    P8270024

This area a few years ago was under 3 feet of water and had done a lot of damage to the fence posts and stays, so all had to be replaced.    This was just this past week and it was very hot again.  But pleasant working near the creek.

 P8270002    P8270029

Its so nice to have this all behind us now and get on with other projects.   We had some delay this summer as hubby cracked some ribs back in late June and was out of work commission for 4 weeks.  But since he has been able to work again we also mixed and pour concrete for footings for a carport.   Now have to get the saw mill going to cut lumber for the carport.  We also replaced 2 big picture windows in the house.  Harvesting of different things have been keeping me busy in between helping with all the other work.  We had a few light frosts but now have hot days and warm night.  I will be busy all of September with gardening, canning, freezing and drying stuff from the garden.   I will be dedicating the month of September to gardening blogs as there is much to be shared that has already taken place and just haven’t had time to blog about.

There is a feeling of change in the air even though we will continue to get hot days for a few weeks yet.  However our nights should be getting below freezing soon when the skies are clear. 

My time here on the computer will still be limited for visiting until the nights grow longer.

So to everyone wishing you a

Good morning… Good afternoon… Good night…

Whatever it is to you..

Photo & Words


Here I Am/Carrie


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Unknown said...

Thank you Carrie for the beautiful collection of snapshots and stories. Mother Nature at work and play. A peak into yours and Gunter's lives on the ranch exemplifying Oneness with God's creation.