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October 1, 2009

Summers End with Camping

The colors and beauty of a perfect late summer get away.  Time was finally found at the end of September to get away for a few days camping and fishing.  We were blessed with the most amazing weather.  Everyone on the trip kept saying no day could have been more perfect and then the next was even better.  So I share a small glimpse of our perfect days camping at a Summers end..

The fall colors were just starting to come out.

Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

The sparkles on the lake were glittering most of the time. 

Missezula Lake Sept. 2009 

Relaxing was the mode of the day except when chasing this dragon fly.

Missezula Lake Sept. 2009          Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

Our friends came back empty handed from fishing.

Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

My hubby managed to be luckier.

Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

One could easily sit on the dock and stare out at this view all day.  One could feel the energy being drawn into the V of the valley and spreading across the surface of the water.

Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

We went one day with ATV's and explored nearby lakes and trails.  Always hungry at the end of the day a hearty meal was prepared.

  Missezula Lake Sept. 2009      Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

We were all camped on the waters edge at this forestry campsite  that is free and no one was there most days.

 Missezula Lake Sept. 2009 

My mind was an Island forever surround by water I could just sit and gaze feeling the liquid emotions brushing up against me.  Isolated from the worries of the rest of the world, but never forgotten as I could not float or drift while anchored to this earth by Gods will.

 Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

Leaving  our oasis of water we were blessed with a vision of the open country side on our way home.

 Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

Well that certainly brings an end to Summer here as the weather made a complete change after a few days of returning from our perfect weather campout.  We have already had snow sputters mixed in some rain and a hard killer frost, which is causing me to panic as I always do this time of the year trying to get work done in the garden and everything put away outside before the ground freezes.

My friends here are all very special people who have created  a wonderful feeling of support and belonging.  I am touched by many of you very deeply.   It has just been over  1 year since I arrived here and have felt nothing but love and support flow through here.  So I just wanted to say Thank you all for being the wonderful people you are.


So to Everyone changing Seasons

Good Morning…    Good Afternoon…      Good Night…

Whatever it is to you…..

Photos & Words


Here I Am/Carrie

Missezula Lake Sept. 2009

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