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April 4, 2010

Home for Easter 2010

There’s no place like home. Surrounded again by mountains that create my valley.   It’s so good to be back looking over that familiar view and all the sights and sounds of nature. 


A short walk up my nature trail for a visit to the beaver dams.  Didn’t see any beaver but the calming sight of the waters was enough.  Surprised some deer that always winter here near our yard.  I make a weak crying sound that always stops them to listen to the sound. 

    P4030145      P4030146

We left a small palm tree in our greenhouse for the winter as it’s getting to big to take to friends every winter hoping it would survive.  It was still alive and green with even a small nasturtium seed that had sprouted.  Except for the evergreen trees that’s the only green seen around here.  The bulbs are only just breaking ground.


But the one who I could see so much joy in was Wildflower our cat.  She has been away for a year and half and kept in doors for 9 months now.  I could just see it in her body how happy she was to be back here and outside.   


  She ran around the yard when I let her out of the car like a nut for about 10 minutes with her tail flicking and her hair all fluffed.  As you can see I have lots of winter branches and raking to loosen the grasses that were covered with snow all winter.  Everything is bare, not the usually green and colourful scenes of summer, but soon the buds and color will come.


In  the house she also explored with excitement.  Finally she was content to just sit and relax at the window looking out, knowing she was finally home..       

    P4020120     P4020123

During the trip home the cats were so good.   Siriun stayed most the trip in his cat carrier even though it was opened at my feet.   In fact he spent most the winter sleeping in it.  His little cave.  I had no leg room the whole trip.  Wildflower was behind my seat on top of stuff with a view out the windows.  There was a litter box behind my husband seat in the truck they both had access to any time they needed it.  We just left them in the truck at night when we took a motel.  They were so good the whole 3 days of driving.

    P4010113     P4010115

Here are a few special scenes from our trip home these are from Nevada, Idaho and Oregon.  We managed to get thru between all the snow storms.  But did encounter some flurries.  All photos taken from our moving vehicle. 

    P4010004     P4010040

    P4010069     P4010082

    P4010100     P4010107

Home again what can I say.  My heart soars like the hawks that fly over my valley.  Home again…..

Easter for me new beginnings, the rise of energies preparing us to grow in our hearts and souls to know the love that God wants us to share.

 Happy Easter P7140013

I have missed you all sooo and thank you all for visiting here while I was unable to visit you.  Your notes, graphics and comments always warmed my heart soooo..

To Everyone

A Happy Easter


Good Morning….  Good Afternoon…..  Good Night….

Whatever it is to you….

Photos & Words


Here I Am/Carrie


DaveOnFidalgo said...

When I moved back to Washington from Iowa, my Burmese cat yowled non-stop the entire 1700 miles. She was not a car cat. I kept thinking, she'll settle down soon. Didn't happen. She did quiet down and enjoy the motel stops. They're like people, I guess, all different.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Wen we go home to visit Mom I always make a beeline for the beach as soon as the luggage is unloaded. As much as I love these mountains the beach will always be home for me. That that first whiff of salt air and sound of the surf kissing the sand recharges my soul.