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June 4, 2010

Rainy Day in the Greenhouse

Well even on the rainy days I have my greenhouse to work in.  I have finished all my seeding and most everything has sprouted.  Many I will be transferring to my screened room where they will feel the cold more and some of the breezes to start the hardening off process which lesson the shock of unprotected conditions outdoors.


  I have a visitor right now in the greenhouse.  This Grosbeak hit our house window and possible broke his wing.  He is quite happy being safe and looking out the window.  Everyday he is able to fly a little more.  He can now go about 8’.   I am hoping to return him back outside in a couple weeks when I know he can at least fly up into the trees safe from the cats lurking around outside.

Also in the greenhouse I am trying one of those upside down tomatoes I planted in the bottom of a hanging basket.  On top I planted a bunch of marigolds seeds that are coming up.

Wildbirds       Greenhouse

  Here are a bunch of my hanging flowers baskets I started from seed that will be ready to go out in a couple weeks.  My palm tree is doing beautifully with already blooming nasturtiums around it.  I planted lettuce from seed in the white container and have already harvested from it. 


In these round green containers are all flowers I have started from seed that will go on my deck in a week.  In the smaller flats I have tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, herbs, marigolds and lots of sunflowers.  These will be transplanted to different locations later after hardening them off as well.

Greenhouse             Greenhouse 

  My little friend loves when I come to work in the greenhouse.  The grosbeak are very social birds.  This guy doesn’t panic at all when I am working in there.   He hops around thru my pots and chirps.  Today I went in a said over and over again “show me how far you can fly”.  It’s like he heard me and flew up  to  the 2nd story opening for the 1st time.  After a minute he flew back down to my level.  I know he will be ready soon to be released.


Looking down the lane in the greenhouse.


 These interesting grasses came up in a pot in the greenhouse last year on their own and I love the look of them so I left them.  The were big and beautiful green when I returned from South this spring.  I just leave them in the greenhouse always.  This view is looking out the window of the greenhouse.

P5290134                 P5290137

Well it was a rainy day in the greenhouse but all wasn’t so gloomy.  The hopes and dreams that one day when the sun shines again and when he is ready, my grosbeak will once again fly the great outdoors.




Hope everyone is finding ways to enjoy their rainy days..

Wishing you a

Good Morning…    Good Afternoon…    Good Night….

Whatever it is to you…

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Here I Am/Carrie

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