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September 16, 2008

Me and My Camera

Since mostly what you have seen from me are my photos and I need to practice this writing business, I thought I would give you my photo credentials.
I have none.....  Never took a class never read a book. Just see, focus, adjust a little and shoot.

My husband gave me a fancy Pentax with a wide angle when I was 23.  I played with it a bit but mostly just used it for general picture taking.   Too costly on film and developing to play around with.   Gave my Pentax away to a new aspiring photographer when I bought my digital.  I had used that camera for 20 years.

In 2004 halfway thru our east coast trip I bought my first digital camera.   We were staying the night in the Walmart parking lot in our motor home (cheap way to travel) so I had lots of time to really check the cameras out.  I had read a few consumer guide blurbs so kind of new what to look for but not expensive.

I purchased an Olympus CAMEDIA  D-535  3.2 megapixel with 3X Optical zoom, Seamless 12X with Optical and Digital.  I am just reading off the lenses AF Zoom 5.8-17.4mm.  Also has 2 macro setting for getting up close.  I do a lot of that.  Paid on sale about $150.00 .  Back then it was not the newest but I wanted some descent optical zoom and had to have the macro.   It is small and fits in the palm of my hand.  All my photos so far except for a couple of mushrooms were taken with this camera.
Spent all night reading and re-reading the instructions.  I always read instructions.  Nothing bugs me more then people who get fancy electronics and don't know how to use them or use the special features available.
So I way hooked.  Wow!!!  I could now take tons of photos.  Delete the bad ones.  Yes we all have bad ones.  Now had to do something with all the pictures.  I only had an older laptop that had been given to me.  It was already outdated from  the previous owner.  Try as I may, working with just one photo, my computer would always crash.  One day I spent 3 hours trying to get one photo printed on a card for someone.   So it was always back to Walmart to get a photo CD made and print what I wanted.  Still couldn't share.

Finally June 2007 I made my first purchase of a new computer.   Always had free used ones. Went from Dos to Windows 95 to Vista.  Having come from Windows 95, Vista is amazing to me.  And of course I read all the computer magazine consumer stuff so I knew what to look for.  Wow a computer I could work with all my photos and a printer so I could print them.
Right away I started learning how to use the new photo program I got free with the printer.  Again nothing fancy.  But when I learned how to layer pictures to produce collages I started having fun.  Putting peoples faces in flowers and sending personal cards.  I call them Blooming Heads.
Yes I am ready for a much better camera, but the prices have to drop a bit more.  Would love to get a digital that did what my old Pentax did.   I am still very limited with what I have.  I need something that takes a big zoom.  I see so much wildlife but when I zoom in with my little camera it becomes blurred.
Well enough practising writing back to Photos

Wishing Everyone a
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon… Good Night…
Here I Am/Carrie

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