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November 8, 2010

Cooking with Carrie Vegetable Soufflé

As many of you have gardens or access to lots of fresh vegetables at this time of the year, here is a recipe that’s simple and light using fresh vegetables. 

Melt in pan           2 Tbsp butter

Blend in                2 Tbsp whole wheat flour

Stir in                    3/4 cup cold milk

Cook stirring till sauce thickens

Fold in                   1 1/2 cups choice of cheese

Fold in                   1 1/2 cup vegetables your choice

Season with          1 tsp sea salt and  whatever other herbs or spices goes good


Looks like I have put in cottage cheese and mushrooms, kale, eggplant and  onions.  Be creative try whatever you have fridge or what is in the garden.  I always go with different ingredients.


        Beat in                          4 egg yolks


 Beat till fluffy                  4 egg whites


                           Fold into mix 


                       Pour into buttered soufflé dish..


Bake 350 for 30 min or more.  I love my little oven which uses way less power then a great big oven.


 Ready when light and golden and tooth pick comes out clean when put in.


Simple light cooking for a harvest summer or fall meal.  Add a salad fresh from the garden to complete your light meal. 


Simple meals and simple life

Hope everyone is enjoying healthy eating.

Wishing you a

Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…

Whatever it is to you

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Here I Am/Carrie


nita said...

Hi Carrie,

Sounds good. Did you get round to emailing Kerrie, and did she reply. It seems there is now difficulty with hotmail/livespaces emails, one of my other friends cannot reply to my emails or email me. Why Oh why couldnt they leave good enough alone, I wonder, suppose there was good reason, but lots of people seem to have been hmm!! hurt and misplaced in their re-arranging. Perhaps I look back at live spaces through rose coloured glasses. hugs Nita.

Leovi said...

Must be very rich, do you invite to dinner?

JANE E KIRN said...

This is WONDERFUL!!! I am cold, and the comfort of this recipe is certainly in mind. Thanks so much for sharing. Your food photos are enticing. I will be there for dinner too. What time? Keep the blog going, I am really enjoying your posts.

Rocket Man said...

Recipe shamelessly stolen and tucked away in my cooking file:)

michiko said...

I loved this type of dish that I could eat all years around.And I used for my friends visits time too and I will try your recipe next time.

Thank you for visit in my space and your advise,
to be honest with you I would like to have a few good friends than just on display friends:-) I think you know whats that means:-)
I like this place than Wordpress that I find easir for me to blogs.
Thank you for your suppot Carrie.
Enjoy your day,

michiko said...

Sorry i did write wrongly "I like this place"
I meant blogspot place.

Anonymous said...

Oh yummy I've got to try that! It looks delish!!
My sis in law brought me a juicer so I'm going to finish up my blackberries, without seeds this time. (I love the seeds but hubby doesn't)
Your place is looking lovely as ever!! Hope Winter treats you kindly!

Anonymous said...

Simple meals and but colorful life Carrie,
Do you have any leftover, keep it for me!:)
It looks so pleasant, it is really "GREEN" as well.

it seems more compatible between Blogger and WP.


Lisa RedWillow said...

Looks so good. I remember this one so well. Its a delight to view it again.Hugs

Anonymous said...

This looks really delicious! I am just trying to stay away from animal products so I won't make it. But it look very comforting. :) I love kale. it's superfood! Hug back to you dear Carrie! xoxo