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January 10, 2011

So Much to Share and So Little Time

How the time has past and my back is on the mend.  I want to thank all my wonderful friends here who have sent healing thoughts and patiently waited for my return.  I have missed all of you.  I still have to restrict my time here on the computer or the pain will return at night just when I am trying to sleep.  I have now managed a few nights without discomfort or medication.  But my days are filled again with catching up on over 2 weeks of lost time in getting my work done here. 

I went way over board this Christmas.  Decoration to the hilt, baking and putting on a party.  I over lifted, squatted, stretched, spent hours at the kitchen sink and ran up and down the stairs far to many times for my body which is out of shape from to much time sitting at the computer.  My body finally had to tell me, that’s it, stop all movement and no sitting at the computer.  So I listened and really relaxed for the 1st time in a long time after seeing the doctor and being told no lifting. 

What a wonderful feeling to just let go of all the work and take it slow.  The world did not end….  I am now restricted to any lifting till I get a CT scan which here in Canada may take 3 months.  I am learning to ask for help from hubby and he has been great.  Since I do feel better I tend to do a few too many things already. 

The Party was a great success and everyone enjoyed the food, Christmas baking, but most of all they always love the decorations.

PC190003   PC190004


There came many quiet times as we spent the rest of Christmas and New Years at home alone.

1 Framed P1060021

I took this series of photos from my deck with my zoom on my little camera, when hubby was in the field checking on some wildlife action going on there.

2 saw cookie cutter P1060023

I have always wanted to do the black and white effect.  Well I got a bit carried away in playing around with this set of photos. 

3 Framed P1060024

I am really happy with the results and will frame these, I think they will go well on the log house walls.  Thank you all my photography friends for displaying your work so that I am inspired to try new things.

4 Framed P1060025

With Christmas over and the decorations all taken down it was time to start packing to head south for the winter.

P1040019   P1040020

My spare room is the dump station where everything that is being packed gets moved to.  As we bought a house down there last year, I have a lot more stuff to take.

P1040022   P1040023

Then there are those days when the outside beckons to go for a walk.  Something I hadn’t done for almost 2 weeks.  Unfortunately I was confined to only the ploughed driveway.  Snowshoeing and cross country skiing were out of the question with my back.




All the little jobs that now had to get done.  The last of my tomatoes from the greenhouse.  There were still some red ones and some green ones left.  I also had 5 gallons of rhubarb wine I made that had to be bottle.  When combining 2 freezers into one, there were bags of fruit and berries found. 

P1040001   P1060003

I dump blueberry’s, red currants and rhubarb in on big jelly making container and made what I call a very berry mix jam.  Hubby is pitting all these frozen sour cherries  that I will can and make more jam.

P1060005   P1040007

A bald eagle was spotted one morning in our field a very rare sight at our place.  Seems something was dead in the field next to the creek.  That’s what hubby had gone down to check.  He found the remnants of a coyote.  We’d had 2 hunting in our field for 2 days prior.  Normally we only see one at a time.  So I do believe they needed thinning.  What killed it we have no idea.

P1060008   P1070029

But soon their were tracks all around where the dead coyote was.  This track is a bobcat or lynx.


As you can see by all the tracks the birds and many other animals feasted on the dead coyote.


These photo really capture why I love it so much here in the winter.


We have a very long driveway that has to be kept ploughed.  Going up this hill can sometime be very tricky.  But let me tell you it is also one of the best sledding down it.  Couldn’t do that this year as well.  ) :


It truly has been beautiful the amount of winter we were able to enjoy here.  This is the other end of our driveway were it heads out to the main road.


Santa was extra good to us this Christmas.  We got a newer truck to replace our old 87 Ford Ranger, it’s still running, but it was time for a little extra comfort.  Santa thought a nice 2007 Toyota 4 door Tacoma TRD would be just right for our lifestyle.  Thanks Santa I love it and can’t wait to drive south with more comfort and room.


Ha.. Bet you thought we were down south in this photo.  Look in the window and you will see our field covered in snow reflected in the window.  Just after Christmas it hit +4c after a week of –20c.  That’s sun tanning weather for us here at the ranch on a sunny day on our deck.


So that ends life here at the ranch for this winter.  We are heading south in less the a week.  I will only have internet access thru the library while down at the Salton Sea in California.  This year I remembered to bring the inverter so I can plug into my car while parked at the library so will have a bit more time on my laptop to get things done while there.  I am presently using a friends huge old monitor as the screen went on my laptop.  Once down south I will have to buy a small fIat screen or maybe a new computer.  I have some older blogs from spaces pre scheduled to post that will be showing up on both my blogs about Salton Sea and life down there.  I hope to get some new ones out as well.  It is so time to end this as my neck is very sore from all the typing and it is now 2am.

I hope to get by and see as many of you as I can before we head south. 

Wishing everyone
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
What ever it is to you. 

Photo and Words
Here I Am/Carrie


nita said...

Hi Carrie,
Have enjoyed reading all your news and looking at your pictures. Seems many of us have had issues with aching backs shoulders etc in varying degrees. Hope you get yours sorted soon. Have a brilliant time - South- take care, hugs - Nita

john bord said...


take care of the back

Lisa RedWillow said...

Carrie I loved your blog and it really is one of you best in a while I think.The photo of you Hubby turned out stunning. I love what you did with them. Hanging on your wall they will look professional.
I will miss you and I know the time goes by fast. Have some time to yourself. Enjoy the nice dry air and heat.
With much Love and Many Hugs until you return stay safe and dont over do it. Take care of you back.You only have one. I knew you would get hurt working so hard all the time. I have been there too.
Were flying direct to Maui for almost three weeks. Im going to be in heavn I think but do get home sick fast.
Now Im writting you a blog.
Be well take care. Sending Prayers and lots of healing energy for the drive as well.

Janie2 said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG CARRIE! The snow literally blows me away with the vast white everywhere! How on earth do people live in that cold weather? It is simply lovely and I thank you for posting it so others can see your world. The black and whites are super, and I hope you do frame them. Take care of yourself, and as Lisa said you only have ONE back. I will definitely be back to visit your blog soon.

Mei said...

Wow... great blog!Love the photos... beautiful! Have a good time down south. Take care Carrie. Mei

Leovi said...

First I ask that you resolve your health problems. Your pictures are beautiful with beautiful shades of snow and beautiful frames. I especially love this series you've done from the terrace to your husband in the snow. Have a nice trip to California and spend a pleasant week there. Greetings.

Ramblingon said...

Oh you made my DAY reading and seeing this, Carrie!!! The pictures are gorgeous of course and the blog was great fun to read!

((((HUGS)))) always.

Jackie said...

Those backs can be a doozy. I wish you a speedy recovery! I loved the snow pictures,especially those of the road with the rustic fence.

michiko said...

Hi Carrie,
I was going to bed then I thought I better visit for Mei's space there I saws your comments on her that naturally read all:-)
Here I really enjoy to read your post and all the snow photos, I think you are lucky to lived without going to shopping etc.

I'd love to lived likes in country side again my memories back when I was younger age used go to hunting deers with my Grandpa.

The big foot print for Coyote? it looks like a big bears one isn't it?
I never try the rhubarb wine yet that I must do one day.

Hope your back getting better soon my friend,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your back is getting better, we just can't go as long and heal as fast as we used to. Perhaps, that is life telling us to slow down and enjoy. Have a safe trip to CA, remember not to sit too long on the journey there.

Kim Sullivan

JennyD said...

Carrie, I saw your visit a few minutes ago to my page. Doggone it, girl, don't you be running around visiting; you have enough on your plate to do, sheesh. Not that I didn't appreciate the visit, I did :) I just want you to get better, that's all. So stay off that computer. We'll all know why and will see you when your back is in tip top shape again. Love ya, Carrie XOXOXO

Rocket Man said...

Wonderful photos, as always, Carrie! You have such a beautiful ranch and I always enjoy seeing photos of it no matter the season. Your B&W shots are great! Glad your back is doing better but don't do what I do; get feeling a little better and over do it. Have a great rip. We'll still be here when you get another chance to visit.

GreatGranny said...

Hi, Carrie, it was such a pleasure to see you on my blog. I loved your post and so enjoyed the photos, especially the black and whites, just beautiful.I hope my camera does it.
Do take care with your back.

Connie said...

Hello Carrie, Glad to hear your back is on the mend. A helpful husband is a wonderful blessing. Your back must be feeling pretty well for you to be making jam...that berry mix sounds yummy!
Thank you for coming by to say good bye. Your visits are always like a ray of sunshine. Enjoy being warm at the Salton Sea. We used to live in southern CA,and never went to Salton Sea. Your photos have made me wish we had, although I suspect I see more of it through your eyes than I would have with actually being there for a short visit.
Take care. ~Connie

Anonymous said...

Carrie, life in your ranch in winter just like paradise, it was so pretty, can i can feel your love to the country life.
it might be in Salton Sea when you read this comments, i am glad to hear you could rest well while the back is in the process of recovery, i know it was terrible as i had similar problem a few years ago, never lift heavy stuff with swirl your waist, and you will recover completely. it is frustrating to wait for that long for a X-Ray scan in Canada, hope the warmer weather can speed up your recovery.

enjoy your time in California, and don't spend too much time on computer, your friend here including me are waiting for a happy and healthy Carrie when you update your blog next time.

Hugs, Arctic

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I remember a time when I really hurt my back and couldn't sit and wasn't allowed to. The pain in my lower back was I think something that only others who have had back pain would appreciate just how bad it is.
My thoughts are with you Carrie and I'm wishing you a speedy recovery! always your photography is awesome to see! In particular I love the way you've shot and processed the ones of your hubby in the snow. Very nice work !

Take care Carrie,
and get better soon !

Garry xox

Anonymous said...

Helllo Carrie. I am so glad that our paths have crossed once more. I am sorry to hear that you have not been feeling up to par lately and as the days go by, I hope that you experience less and less discomfort.
I must admit, I love the winter too! Winter is like the cleansing season. It's beautiful to see the cycle of the seasons, especially winter. I love how everything goes dormant, and everything slows down and it's so cozy and white. Then there's the pure enjoyment of climbing into a snug warm bed at night, warmed by the electric blanket... while listening to the the wind outside. The best part of winter, is that I get to enjoy my one true passion - snowmobiling.

Anonymous said...

Great snapshots, I truly enjoyed catching up with you. Here's hoping that your week goes smooth! Cheers to you.

Peta said...

So cool Carrie- I love looking at your life- I hope you are well. XXO Vera