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August 5, 2012

Just Another Bloomen Summer

My flowers are ablaze with color and I just wanted to share all the beauty that I have been enjoying.  So in collages filled with color, here is my bloomen summer flowers that I captured and hope they bring a bit of enjoyment to you as well. 

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Collage Daisy_tn

Collage Deck_tn

Collage Delphina_tn

Collage Fire Weed _tn

Collage Flowers-001_tn

Collage Flowers 2_tn

Collage Flowers_tn

Collage Lily_tn

Collage Lupin Bachelor Button_tn

Collage Petunia_tn

Collage Poppy_tn

Collage Red Poppy_tn

Collage Sunflower and more_tn


A flower of a different sort my cat Wildflower.  She loves sleeping outside nestled in the shade.  She also loves going for little walks with me near the house.  She is 16 years old and since last winter when she had to be kept inside the house all winter in California, her weight has declined considerably.  She just won’t eat all the cat foods I have tried.  She has now been hunting again and seems happier, I also found a wet food that she will eat a teaspoon a couple times a day to supplement her hunting.  She was a wild cat when we took her in 16 years ago and has always preferred a natural diet instead of cat food.

Collage Wildflower_tn


When taking mini vacation away from our house I have all my potting flowers and hanging baskets on automatic watering.  I have small tube hoses that run to every single pot and basket.  It takes a lot of time to get it all set up each summer and the right amount of water to everything.  But once done it allows me to go away and not have all my plants die.   I also have automatic watering on my garden and parts of the lawn.  They are just timers I put on the hoses where hooked up to the facet.  They are all battery run and seems to work well.  I only have to rotate the sprinkles in the lawn every day.  We also put up a screen tent every summer to have lunch in or sit when company comes away from the mosquitoes and flies.  Hubby enjoys and occasional nap inside it as well.

Collage House Summer_tn


Here I followed the progress of the Robin eggs.

Collage Baby Robin Grow_tn


 We are here camping again at Davis Lake which allowed a few hours extra time to prepare this blog which is way over due.  So sitting here in the motorhome with a beautiful view of the lake I got this blog done.


I did go out fishing for a couple hours with hubby in the canoe, which will never happen again.  Of course we argued non-stop about how things should be done, where we should fish.  I can’t count how many times we both said “Shut-up and Fish”.   He caught one and I just kept getting nibbles and loosing my bait.  Well it came time where my back, shoulders and neck couldn’t take any more and needed to be dropped off at the dock.  When we arrived I could not stand up.  So very gracefully I rolled out of the canoe without upsetting it or getting dumped between dock and canoe.  I laid on my back for a minute then rolled over and very slowly got onto all fours.  By then hubby was paddling away as he didn’t want anyone to know he belonged to the blob that was rolling around on the dock.  It took a few minutes for me to get up and take a few steps.  I did recover quickly after all my seized parts loosened up again.  Hubby later said he wished he could have video taped it as he never saw anything so funny.   All I could say was lets see anyone else try rolling out of a canoe with such grace as not to dump it.  So back to shore fishing for me.

Sorry to not write much here, but I think the flowers say it all.  We had some rain showers this morning, but the sun is back out so the fish are calling my name.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer or winter
and have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
What ever it is to you.

Photos & Words
Here I Am/Carrie