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December 8, 2012

Creativity to Christmas

Well it has been a very busy past month and more so with finally taking the time to be creative with my many photos in so many different ways.  I have been up many a late night trying to squeeze all this extra work into my already busy days.  So just a little view of all my creativity I have been up to the last month and more.
  Also ending this blog with a very special merry Christmas video I  created from many of my winter photos and Christmas scenes.

But first lets get in the winter spirit.  We are late getting snow this year but it is coming now.  I finally look out my window at a winter wonderland which has help to put me in the Christmas spirit. 

My winter wonderland view and a little more.

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

Creations by Here I Am/Carrie


My New Website
click on link below
 Creations by Here I Am/Carrie

You can keep updated with all my new creations with Greeting Cards, Books, Videos, Blogs and more.   I am using this free website for sharing all my creations in one place which has wonderful templates for almost whatever you may want to share.   This site is through the company Shutterfly where I also have my photos printed.  Unfortunately they are not set up for selling what you create without paying for a professional fee.  So right now what ever I make through their company such as my book Expressions of Nature or Calendar, I make no profit from it.  But I love the use of their share site to create my website for sharing everything from my many other websites all for free.  You can always find this link on all my blog sites.
Below is just a photo I took of my new home page.

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie


Greeting Cards
I am finally making greeting cards with my photos instead of just sending them by e-mail.  For Christmas I made homemade ones as well as use some recycled Christmas cards and added my photos, but hope to have a site in the future where I can order ones I create and later sell  from the internet.   I am taking baby steps on this whole process, so I will first feel the market out in local craft sales and flea markets.  Also am doing a lot of research regarding suppliers of material for doing my own cards or having them printed with my photos  ready for sale.  Just weighing the costs of everything to find the best way to sell my cards and make them affordable yet profitable either on personal sales or on the internet.  Any suggestions on this process would greatly be appreciated.
My Christmas Greeting Cards

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie  

I also created book marks with a quote I made up and on the back my website location.  These I included with my greeting cards I sent for Christmas.

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie 

I have also been busy creating books.  I am mostly doing the books for gifts and possible sales locally or at craft or flea markets. The costs of shipping and purchasing only one books is so expensive for an individual to purchase through the internet.  But feel free to have a look if you haven’t already.  Anyone thinking of doing a book checkout Blub they have a great free downloadable program for creating your book on your computer that you upload when complete and can then purchase a copy and sell with profit if you want to, otherwise a great way to preserve something special to you.  In the program you can slurp your blogs here from many blog sites right into the book, however I found I had to do a great deal of formatting to get the look I wanted.    My book at Shutterfly (Expressions of Nature) I make no profit from I only made the book through them as I had a coupon special for a free book.  Here the book is done on the internet using their templates which can also be changed a great deal.
click on link below to view entire book
My photo book Expressions of Nature
Below is just a photo of the cover of the book.  I apologize for the poor picture I was in a hurry and ended up with glare on the right side. 
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie


Below is a link to my book from my blogs God’s Garden of Nature a way to preserve my blog in book form.  I hope in the future to have it available in E-book.

From the blogs of H...
By Carrie Nienierza


Here are photos of my pages on my
Calendar I created for myself.  Again I so apologize for the poor qualities photos I took of my calendar.  Trying to get so much done to fast.

Creations by Here I Am/Carrie
Below is January – November

Creations by Here I Am/Carrie

Below is the last month December

Creations by Here I Am/Carrie

With all this extra creativity going on I realize I do need to take a step up with my little point and shoot camera and go to something I can do more with.  After much thought I have however decided against a DSLR camera as I just can’t justify the cost of all the lenses I would need.  I have always wanted a camera with a longer zoom  and  have manual setting as well.  So I am looking into the  new generations of power zoom cameras that will enable me to at least get better shots of the wildlife here without  packing so much extra gear.  My choices are The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 with a 24X zoom or one of the Canon Powershots SX40HS with a with a 35x zoom or the SX50 with a 50x zoom.  Please if anyone has any comments on the subject let me know.  I know nothing about cameras except the bit of research I have done.  I have always been happy with my little Olympus point and shoot I have had for 4 years and probably taken over 10,000 photos with it and it still gives me some really great photos.

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie 

Coyote and Whiskey Jacks
My camera does lack when it comes to wildlife I try and get in our field from my house, this is a coyote.
Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

These whiskey jacks were taken
from inside my house through my window.

Creations by Here I Am/Carrie

Smoking Salmon
Hubby has also been busy creating his yearly smoked salmon.

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie

My poor old 1978 Datsun truck has been getting a real workout with loads of firewood.  We almost have 2 shed filled now.  We have 3 different stoves in different building so even if we aren’t here all winter we need lots of firewood.

Photo by Here I Am/Carrie 

My Merry Christmas Video to all of you.
Heaven on Earth
I end this very long blog now with my latest video created to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas with winter scenes of our place. Starting up our driveway with surrounding scenes. As evening approaches and the lights come on in our home you will be taken inside for a glimpse of a country Christmas inside then the next day continue your journey back down and out the driveway. Be sure to have your Audio on.

So wishing  everyone a very
Blessed Christmas
and a
Happy New Year
filled with Hope, Health and most of all Love.
Any may you always have a
Good Morning…  Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
What ever it is to you.
Photo & Words
Here I Am/Carrie



Nancy J said...

Truly beautiful, such a lot of snow, ornaments, angels, a squirrel,table set,tree and gifts, and you both there together.You have been so busy, my heartfelt wishes for your new enterprise to flourish, may the words,photos, books and gifts all flow easily, may many flock to your door, and you prosper as you should.Fond greetings to you both, in a winter wonderland,... from Jean.

Nancy J said...

Carrie, if you send me your email, my address is on my blog, I will forward some ideas on your new camera. Greetings from Jean

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie
There's nothing about your photos or your words or yourself that isn't truly beautiful.
Going through your work and watching your video made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
I thoroughly loved every moment that I was here.

Dear Carrie..merry Christmas to you,
and all the folk at Hidden Spring Ranch

Gary xox

p.s. I've always been a real fan of your photography!

RedWillow ~ a Beauty seeker said...

God Bless you Carrie in all you do. I loved your creations. The You Tube is stunning. I loved it . Loved it.
Looks like home to me and feels like home to me.
I have changes growing inside of me too. Thanks for your visits . Always and forever it has been a blessing.
Merry Christmas. and all the Best on God Green Earth to you and your hubby.

Much Love my Friend.
Im off to Hawaiis.. Big Island in Feb. :) until March also heaven on earth.

Michiko Johnson said...

Hi Carrie
You have so many creative your many photos and different ways.
Also special merry Christmas video and winter wonderland in the new Camera.
Dear Carrie,
Christmas is a very special day with your hubby with beautiful home.
Marry Christmas prosperity and good health.

Today was my thinking of myself because 15th December 2011 time has bad time.

Anonymous said...

So much creativity going on in this post. It's simply fantastic. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Becky said...

What a wonderful Christmas post. Thank you.

Your collection of mugs mirror the ones that my students gave to me over the years. Blurb is great, and I have made 3 books. My camera has a crack in the viewer, so I am looking for a new one as well.

Safe travels when you head south.

Leovi said...

Very nice Christmas atmosphere, some excellent ornaments. Greetings.

Mei said...

Wish I can have some your lovely snow... beautiful! Can I have some your cards to sale in my shop? :-) Have a Lovely Christmas Carrie! Blog is closed again... sorry!

Elettra said...

serenity and joy to you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, a hug Elettra

Poppy (aka Val) said...

Love you photos and the gorgeous video :) I have a Canon Powershot G12, a bridge camera - I love it! The zoom can be a problem with it though but it is good enough for what I need. Have fun choosing your new camera :) Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year :) x

Lisa Gordon said...

How exciting, Carrie, and your new site is just beautiful! I wish you and your family a most wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your photography!

Merry Christmas dear Carrie!

Gary xox

Anonymous said...

Here’s to a season filled with warmth, comfort and good cheer Carrie!Warm Holiday Wishes from me to you.
Yup.. I will certainly be back. I see I have some much needed reading to do, want to know all that you have been up to! Cheers!

Heidi said...

Wishing you a happy Holiday Season and a great New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie
I've been looking at the same camera actually and.. thinking the same. My SLR and lenses are in a back pack and they really get heavy and detract from some of the fun. Let me know how you get on with your new camera?

Gary xox

Arlene said...

Hi Carrie, you are sure going to be one busy lady with all those projects in the pipeline.
I made some of my own Christmas cards this year, and like you, I'd to take it a bit farther and be more creative. I understand your reluctance to purchase an SLR, as it can be very expensive with all the lenses. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8, probably a bit old fashioned now, but it does me and I don't see the necessity to change it now.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Enjoy your trip down south, I'll miss you, please email when you get back. Happy New year when it comes. Hugs from me and Ruby X

GreatGranny said...

I so enjoyed this colorful Christmas season you shared. I wish I could have watched the video as it was meant to be. I inched along and got the pretty photos, however small. You sure got a beautiful snow. Thanks for visiting with your comments. My internet is OK today, so far, but still slow. I wish you well in your online work.

john bord said...

Go with the Panasonic.... it has a Leica lens, the best in the world and Panasonic is great electronics.