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December 29, 2012

Let’s Journey into the New Year

As the New Year comes upon us, my time here in the snowy winter wonderland draws to a close as we will be heading south to the Salton Sea in Southern California  for the rest of the winter.  But before going I wanted to share a little look back into our life here this past month before we journey into the New Year. 

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Early in December I had this helicopter intrude upon my privacy.
Could have been taking some sort of scans or photos.
He was making grid work sweeps.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


We’ve had not so much snow so far this year.  Only about 1 foot, compared to 2 1/2 feet last year at this time.  But the new snow plow and way less snow was such a relief on both my hubby’s body as well as mine.  Way more time also to do other things during the day instead of constantly clearing snow.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


And what do we do with our extra time.  Nothing like cutting firewood
and burning all the branches during the season where fires are
welcome to help keep warm while working or taking a lunch break.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Another fun day with a  tree that didn’t fall the right direction or even fall for that matter.   In the middles of the lower right photo shows the tree still upright yet cut right through as it got caught on a bunch of other trees.  So in the upper left photo, I am in the big old 4X4 truck with a cable running around trees to pull the log to the left of where it is.  The top right photo I have manage to pull the log all the way down to a level area.  The back of the truck was originally where the butt of the log is now, so I pulled it about 25 feet.  In the lower left photo you can see why it got hung up to start with.  The dead tree was just full of branches.  Now that the old truck isn’t being used for plowing it makes a great winter woods truck, with the chains on all 4 tires.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Christmas day was just hubby and I along with Cole
who we were dog sitting for the Christmas holiday.  2 whole weeks without going into town or having company or a parties during this holiday.  So that made it very relaxing as well.  Yeah!  I made it without any back, neck, shoulder or arm pain.  No complaints right now.  My body is doing good.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Since Cole was here I was going for walks every late afternoon after 3pm.  Somehow during this time all the photos I took come out blue.  I have had this happen many times before when we have snow on the ground and it begins to get dark.  I always love the the effect it has.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


With Cole by my side I was tromping on all my old trails.  Here we are taking the very narrow trail that runs along the creek on a steep hillside.  On the left photo you can see my boot in the lower right corner showing how it drops right off to the creek below.  The trail is only about 2 feet wide.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


After crossing the foot bridge we leave the creek and head
into the forest and break new trails through the snow.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Cole is part of our family when here.  He was first brought to us to dog sit when he was only 6 months old and we had just said our goodbyes to our old dog Buster only 1 week before.  Cole was a godsend during my time of grief for my Buster and has continue to bring joy every time he visits for over 4 years now.  Some of you may remember Buster and my blog the day he passed was also a Blue Day on November 8 2008 .  Somehow we just haven’t been ready for a new dog yet.  When it’s right it will just happen.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


So Cole and I have been having a ball exploring the forest around me.  I even tried to do an angel in the snow.  Problem is I couldn’t get up without messing my angel up too much.  Then just when I did get up Cole wanted to stomp all over my angel.   Ah…. to be a kid again.  

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


I never did get my new batteries for my camera that I ordered last time I was in town.  So often when I have tried to use the zoom the lens wouldn’t go back in.  So many of the photos for this blog were taken with my very first digital camera also an Olympus, much older model Camedia with 3.2 megapixel.  I am waiting till we get down south to start looking for a new camera.  There just aren’t any stores around where I live to check them out.  This little bird was taken from inside my window.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


We will have lots of work the next couple of weeks to close the house up for the winter.  Packing and a million details to take care of like cutting back all my still wonderful blooming geraniums and a few other hardy flowering plants in the greenhouse.  I will take these plants along with the palm tree and oleander and wrap them up with a light cover to help insulate a little more.  Usually when we really get extreme cold the sun is out to heat the greenhouse for those really cold nights.  3 years now we have manage to keep all the plants over the winter with no heat.  As you can see my tomato plant in the upper right photo looks just pathetic.  It has had aphids for a couple months now.  Any good gardener would have thrown them out of the greenhouse, but I just couldn’t as they were still loaded with tomatoes.  Still harvesting to date.  To protect the rest of the plants I have had to spray them like crazy to keep them from getting infected.  Always good to do anyway as when they come from outside they tend to bring all those pests with them.

Creation by Here I Am Carrie


Well time is drawing near where we will make this last drive on our country dirt road that takes us into town.  I love the drive in the winter as all the potholes are filled with snow and the scene is completely different.  The bridges on the road are only single lane and the creek run along this very windy narrow road with often steep drop offs.  But I have been driving it for over 20 years now with 13 Kilometers before connecting with the highway which then goes to town.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie 


The closer to town I approach the less snow there is.  By the time I hit the highway the road can be bare.  Often town has no snow, while we will have it the entire winter as we are considerably higher in elevation.  This particular day I was given a beautiful show of the sun trying to break through the clouds.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


It’s only another 8 klms on the highway to town.  I often go the whole way without seeing another car.  Just rolling hillsides of ranch land.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Well the holidays are over as is my winter hibernation coming to and end soon.  I won’t have internet for the next 3 months.   I will try and get a couple blogs out through the library.  We have no TV or internet while down south.  I will have time for reading  some books and spend lots of time being social with friends and community events as well as our never ending landscaping projects.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

So may you also  journey in the New Year with
health, happiness and most of all love
and have a
Good Morning …Good Afternoon…Good Night….
What ever it is to you.

Photo & Words
Here I Am Carrie


NITA said...

Hi Carrie,

Great pictures and story

Happy New Year

Hugs Nita

Nancy J said...

Your wonderful words and photos are a real true story, maybe you would think about writing a book. Huge snow, to me at least, do they plough the main road? Is your local road all gravel? And yes, great to have another dog to look after, when the time is right Buster will send you a message saying " Remember me? Of course you do, every day. And how I told you stories with my eyes and tail? Well I say today is it",Enjoy the time away, your new camera will be so good, maybe the choosing is best of all. Fond greetings, Jean.

greenthumb said...

Hi I just found you lovely Blog, Happy New Year to you. I just love your photos, so strange to see all the snow when I'm sitting here in the hot sun.

Michael (Light-In-A-Box) said...

Carrie, what an awesome blog, I love your country place so much!
Another year has come & gone as we now prepare for a new one.
You had mentioned a couple times of getting a new camera but the combination of the wonderful photographer & her old cameras is pretty fantastic. I think your photos are better than most people with $$$$ cameras! Honestly.

Cheers & have a great time at your other place, we all look forward to your blogs throughout the year. Happy New year Carrie & family. : )

Kiran palwasha said...

ahh am ready to start this journey of new year with such a beautiful blog of yours. You have loveliest blog. Am glad to become your new follower.

Stay blessed!
Happy New Year 2013 with Health and Happiness.

Zephyr said...

What a wonderful round up of your activities peppered with lovely captures. Cole looks so handsome and my favourite is the sun breaking out on the highway. But a bigger favourite is the one at the end -- with you and Cole. Happy new year with a big hug. Have a wonderful break from routine and have fun!

GreatGranny said...

Thanks for coming by. I see my comment wasn't posted last time. Have a good winter in the Winter home. As always I enjoy all your photos and posting...hope this goes.

Leovi said...

Delightfully exquisite. The photos are beautiful. A snowy paradise.

john bord said...

Somehow I have been missing your posts. Your place is a place I like to visit. Glad to see have been doing good and very few problems. Thanks for the visit.
I saw where you put a book together from some of your blog posts but couldn't get it out as an E-book. I used an outfit called create space. It is through Amazon and my book is also an E-book plus they have a Kindle deal.
You may want to look up "Create Space."

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Martha said...

really loved the pictures. How lovely to have winter! Would love to explore that trail by the serene and lovely .

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Thank you everyone for your visits and comments. I will be at my winter home in the desert the next 3 months and won't have internet. I will try and get a few blogs out through the library. I will come visit you when I get back late spring. Have a wonderful season. Hugs Carrie

Gayle said...

You live in such a quiet peaceful place. What a wonderful treat to be away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Rick said...

Well, I got here a little late - and you've already left this beautiful place behind. And although we now spend most of our winter in the warm south I still like seeing lovely winter scenes.

Here's wishing you a great time of relaxation in CA. Will look forward to seeing more of your 'paradise' when you return.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie! Very beautiful photo reportage. I wish you a pleasant stay in Southern California. I greet from the Poland. Big hugs! Marko

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been very busy plus all the blogs, wondering how I'll ever keep up with you! It's always interesting fun here, I like how Cole looks like he's standing guard, then he tried to help you with the snow angel by adding paws.
I understand about the getting a new dog thing, after the loss of one... in time perhaps.
Have a wonderful journey("-")

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a great place to go into hibernation. I love the photos of the place. Simply beautiful. Wish you all the best.

Kiran palwasha said...

Dear Carrie,

Congrats... You have been nominated for Liebster Blog Award.please check my blog for more details.I have mentioned your blog in the list.

With love

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Warsaw!
Have a look at my new photo album.

Neeraj said...

Whao, very interesting - I shudder just looking at these photos!

I've been to Banff and Jasper in the summer and always wondered about the people who stayed there during winter time in those isolated places in the midst of nature...

Mei said...

Hey Carrie, I though I come in to my fb photo album... :-) Can't remember I been here or not! :-( Thank you for dropping by and comment. Must be nut again with all those dream coming back... I will and I am... with small step... glad you're home. Big hug. Mei