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May 24, 2013

Spring Gardening 2013

The spring flowers are blooming and it has been gardening time for me.
What a feeling  as your hard work starts to show results with new life in vegetable plants and flowers. 
Our whole area is in bloom with dandelions.  I know many of you think of them as a nuisance, but I see them as a great food source.  We eat the whole plant as this time of the year.  I chop it all up for salads as well as cooked for a vegetable.  The flower heads are plucked clean around our place by the birds and chipmunks. Our whole yard has big bright yellow patches.  Sunshine on the lawn that’s what I call dandelions.

Like the sun coming up in front of the old barn.
The birds have already picked all these clean.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Winter tried to hold on a little longer this spring with a few late dumps
of snow.  The returning birds really appreciated having birds seeds to eat.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


I sometimes forget the sprinkler going at night when there is still a heavy freeze.
But it always gives me a chance to add to my photo folder frozen in time.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Warmer weather did arrive allowing me to get busy in the greenhouse.
I enjoyed planting my seeds in pots outside the greenhouse with a beautiful view.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


What a great feeling to get my seeds planted early this year in the greenhouse.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


I really cut back this year in planting seeds.  Want to scale down on the
gardening so I can try and spend more time making improvements in my many garden beds.  They have been neglected for many years now.  We still have our palm tree, oleander bush, grape vine, ginkgo tree and now some other new tree that won’t survive outside our winters here.  The all made it through the winter in the greenhouse as well as my geraniums.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Hubby had already started hand turning and weeding the vegetable garden beds.
Oh what a relief after all these years to have help preparing the garden.
He even planted all the potatoes.   Meanwhile I transplanted more raspberries and rhubarb to their new bed and planted all the onions, lettuce, beets, kale, Swiss chard, turnips, beans and lots of flower seeds.
The first of my perennials to bloom are my primroses.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Then a record breaking heat wave hit for a week.  I was putting shorts on first thing in the morning, something I rarely do even in the summer as it’s normally so cold at night.  So with the heat the flowers started popping with color.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


I did some serious weeding in some of my perennial flower beds.   I only have finished with the middle section of my big long one.  There is so much creeping grasses in them I have had to lift the whole plants to get the grass roots out from the flower plants.  That’s why I so love  container planting.  My wheel barrel is planted with wildflower seeds every year.  I still have to make all my hanging baskets and potted flowers as well as plant my sunflower seedling everywhere.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Like I don’t have enough flower beds already I am making a new one in front of our new carport.  It’s a work in progress I started last summer.  But got the last of the grass removed and started filling with compost to mix and create some soil in it.  All my flower beds are lined with old rail road ties we have moved around
for 30 years and used for some many different things.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


The heat finally brought all my out all my wonderful garden friends the good old garden snake.  Near some rock piles we have I have seen up to 5 sunning themselves.  But this one I discovered must have had babies.   Never seen this before.  There are 3 young snakes wrap around the big one.  Look closely you will see them all.  Or perhaps they are males trying to mate. 
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


The heat wave didn’t last so I covered everything in the garden to protect from possible frost and helps to keep the soil warm for germinating seeds.
Most my seeds were all sprouting by now.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie


I still have lots of planting ahead of me as all my seedlings I started in the greenhouse will soon be ready to be planted.  I will wait till it warms up again a bit.  Right now we are having lots of rain and near freezing nights.  But the sun is always popping out sometime during the day.  This is so not normal to not have freezing every night.
But in the greenhouse everything is still thriving
waiting to me moved or planted outside.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie

So the gardening will continue for a few more weeks.  We are not going to do much camping this summer like we did last summer as upkeep has fallen behind when we are gone too much during the summer.  But we love it here and feel like it is a paradise.  I have speakers in the trees so music is always playing making the work more enjoyable.  We always try and eat outside for lunch and enjoy the view and scenery around us.  Watching the birds and occasionally wildlife.
Photo by Here I Am Carrie

So find a way to create and enjoy your own paradise
and have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
Whatever it is to you.

Photos & Words
Here I Am Carrie



Penny Whiteway said...

Phew, Carrie, what a lot of work! I have seen so many photos of your wonderful garden, so I know it is worth the effort. Take care and happy gardening. Pen.

Nancy J said...

You have been so busy, what with seeds planted, pots full, heated days,cold nights, some snow, and snakes!!! Lovely bright flowers, we are almost into the dormant time, but some spring bulbs have green shoots already. Fond greetings, Jean.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, how wonderful to see all of the plants and seeds growing. I am very impressed with your gardens and flowers. Your greenhouse is so nice to see. Nice to here from you again. Glad to see you back in Canada. Have a wonderful weekend,

Lisa RedWillow~ a Beauty seeker said...

You do the same kind of work that I have done in the past. I can not do anymore because of my hands. I loved this blog . Take time to rest Carrie.
Your perennials are a bit ahead of mine. I have one bed that Im working on keeping clean this year so no annuals are going it that one. I have most in containers on my deck . Hauling water for years and working with my hands has been hard in the long run yet I can not stay still for long, Today Im cutting lawn on my JD.. Happy Spring and gardening Carrie. So nice to see you stop by . Hugs

Lisa RedWillow~ a Beauty seeker said...

oh and your home and area you have both created is Beautiful.

Ramblingon said...

Oh Carrie, how beautiful. I wish I could find words that I don't wind up using all the time but those express what I think to perfection.

I can't do all of that and have no real talent to do it anyway but you HavE inspired me to weed, of all things. I have put it off and it will be humid and horrid if I don't get going.


Becky said...

You have been very busy. Any garden takes time, love, and care, which you most evidently have been doing. So much of what we do in the garden depends upon the weather. Where we have a big garden, there is about a 40 degree temperature change between day and night. Often there are big winds. Some plants do not grow very tall. Others have big root systems to hold them up, like the fruit trees. But they all seem happy, which is most important. We must be doing something good, as you are doing.

Mei said...

God... you're busy bee! I love gardening but I lost it now, so much to do back home, I can't cope anymore, I just let it be... they want to keep everything make me mad. Hoping for the future I still young to do my dream garden. take care Carrie, I am like a yoyo... decision decision!

What Karen Sees said...

For those of us who dream of living close to nature, we could be jealous of your beautiful surroundings. We can snatch a glimpse of what it would be like to live this lifestyle as we enjoy your beautiful photos. (Except for the snakes!) Thank you for sharing.

Mei said...

How is my busy bee... :-) hope you're keeping well. Wish I can give you a little helping hand. Take care Carrie! Mei

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Wow! That is what I call a busy lady. Now I feel down right lazy.

Ramblingon said...

Katie and I were so happy to see you visit and it was interesting about the possible cause of the urinary infection or problems. If that is a boy cat, sometimes there are stones in the urethra. I hope the Vet did an xray to be sure. That can cause pin and blood in the urine. If it does happen again, please have them check for stones. xxoo

Lisa RedWillow~ a Beauty seeker said...

Thank you so much for your recent visit. Its always so nice to see you stop. Its like fresh air when my blog friends, Facebook friends and spaces also come on by.

You have been such a busy lady making your cards and so many already. Wishing you the most rewarding time you have spent and will spend.

You asked if I was out camping with my daughter. I was out with a few ladies and on yes on was my daughter. We had so much fun for a week. Home once again I'm caught up on my garden , grass cutting , house work that never ends and packing to go camping again as far west as we can get.

Have the most wonderful week coming up.