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November 25, 2013

From Autumn to Winter

Seems since my last blog somehow my view of the world has jumped from Autumn colors to Winter white.  I seem to be busy now no matter what season it is, making blogging and visiting hard to get to sometimes.  I am slowly letting go of the pressure that it can create and learning when the time is right  I will blog and visit enjoying the time spent at it.   Most important when I do find the time to visit those  in the blogging world, they always keep me motivated and full of inspiration.  Without you I might sit with my fingers on the key board and just stare out the window.  A window to my world with no words… Very easy to do where my computer sits.

P1080731 (800x600)


But with my photos already layout in my blog I look at them and the words start to flow.  I never know what I am going to write, it is the photos that create the words.
Our annual Autumn bike ride this fall we did on a quiet country road that runs along the local river.  It was  a beautiful Autumn day.  After about 13klm we stopped for lunch along the river. Of course the trip back was pure torture as the trip there ever so slightly  down hill.  I wasn’t prepared for uphill for 13klm going back.  I was almost in tears by the time I caught up with hubby at the end of the ride.  Ok I was in tears and pissed as at him as he  had the water and I was dying of thirst.  I would pedal like crazy to catch him just to have him disappear over another hill.  Our rule is never leave me behind biking or hiking or any other activities.  He said his knee hurt so bad he was afraid to stop pedaling that he would never get it going again.  Ok I had to forgive him this time.  The day was perfect in many other ways.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie


On our bike ride we passed by  a 3 acre piece of property for sale on this quiet country paved road just 10 minutes from town.   I sat on the bike and looked up at the property that was slightly wooded, with a gentle uphill slope and faced south with a very old rundown cabin or house on it.  Then looked to the south across the road at the view it has and fell in love instantly.  Wide open views of fields, mountains and a slight view of the river.  Also important in this area is it gets sun all year.  I had been looking for smaller acreage near town for about 5 years now but everything was way beyond our budget.

Hubby also felt drawn to the place.  So after a couple days of thought we put in a  low cash offer and it was excepted.  The property had been on the market for 2 years and the price has been reduced often over that time. It was an estate sale and had been abandoned for almost 8 years.  Most places on the internet I looked up still listed it at higher asking prices.   We later found out many of our friends had been interested in the property as well, but found the price too high when it had first listed, but hadn’t kept up on it as the price kept reducing.   Also no insurance or bank would cover this place with the old building on it so cash was needed to buy it. That bike ride that day and interest in the property was a God send for us.  This is where we hope to move to in 3 or 4 years to be closer to town and less work to keep up the property.  The old house will be torn down and we will replace with something new.  Lots of work ahead on this property.  Sale is not complete yet, should close by middle of December.   I am sooo excited about the changes in life this place can bring to our lives.  It will mean starting all over, but the changes will be positive for our future in being closer to town as older age approaches, ok I am not so old but my hubby will be 76 and could be 80 when we move there.   Don’t ask about what we will do about our present property and home, that is so far away in the future right now that we have no idea.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie


A week of beautiful weather had come during October and I thought about camping again, which would have entailed a lot of extra work to prepare to leave as well as falling behind again when we returned, so instead we took it a bit easier at home and relaxed on our deck to enjoy the late Autumn warm weather and beautiful colors in our yard.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie 


Fast forward only about 2 weeks we had our first snows in early November.
Just a week ago we had almost 9 inches and then had nothing but sunny skies for almost a week.  Finally a whole week for me without having work outside and only went out for my afternoon walks which generally I tramp around the property for almost an hour.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie


Soon snow had added it’s white fluff to everything.  Even Sheaba…

Photos by Here I Am Carrie


For a desert dog she loves the snow.  In the morning she goes out with hubby and waits patiently for him to feed the chickens, then they are off for the morning walk or for her a run and hunt.  Late in the day I take her again where she often picks up a rabbit to chase and finds herself so tired and hot she even plops in the water in freezing weather.  Her social progress is still very slow, but she does love her walks.  Some days I wonder if she had bad dreams that night as her day will start very fearful and afraid.  Other days she wakes in the morning coming to greet us wagging her tail and not anxious to go outside yet, but happy to hang with us in the house for awhile.  We have never had to spoil a dog like we have with her, just to get her to respond with us.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie


So I am enjoying the new world my camera has to capture,  I love all the sun flares I can get with it.  Still canning about once a week now.  Making jams from the berries I froze during the summer.  But this week enjoying a little slower pace.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie


I was busy as well making more of my homemade Christmas cards.  I had planned on attending some Christmas events to sell them there.  However all my time spent on investigating the new property and trips into  near by towns and cities for appointments of different sorts put me way behind making more cards, so didn’t have enough done to present at a sales and was beginning to stress over getting more made when I decided to let it go for this year.  I was a bit let down, but as I am learning.  When the time is right it will happen.  I did sell many of the cards I had made to a friend who has admired my photos.   I will continue with production to be ready early for next year.  I also will be doing many other cards for other occasions that can be sold all year at other event sales along with other products I will be creating with my photos.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

I have also been working on an online store at zazzle. com where many different products from my photos can be order through the store, but at present I don’t have enough products for sharing it.  Baby steps with everything and it all takes so much time.  I did say last year that I would be taking baby steps to get my little business adventure going.  LOL Also I have created a facebook page to help promote and keep people updated on my little business.  So for anyone interested or just want to have a look visit my page on facebook and hit the like button to stay updated on what’s new and different there that I share.

Click here for Creations by Here I Am Carrie's Page on Facebook


So feeling snug as a bug here enjoying a little less stressful time for the moment.  I am so glad I let go of some of my plans.  I don’t take stress well, I knot up and get so tight I can’t breath, so feels good to breath deeply again and allow my creative juices to flow freely as winter surrounds me.

Photos by Here I Am Carrie

So learn to let go and breath deep again
and have a
Good Morning… Good Afternoon…  Good Night…
Whatever it is to you

Photos & Words
Here I Am Carrie


Nancy J said...

Carrie, your words take me to your place, I can almost feel the cold, smell the smoke from your fire, hear the running water, magical. Your cards are super, I so hope they do sell soon, meantime, go slowly, tomorrow will arrive all too soon. Your new dream land looks like it will really happen, I'm so happy for you both. Thanks for lovely comforting words, a huge gap, but wonderful memories. Take care, both of you, fond greetings from Jean.

Gerry Adams said...

Wow Carrie, lots of nice pics to see there. I'm mainly posting on Google+ now as it just takes less time. The current version reminds me a little of Spaces. Blocky look with a header pic. Kinda like it. Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

Dobrý den Carrie. Mám radost z tvé návštěvy u mě na bloggu. Podívat se na tvou práci a tvé fotky si vyžádá hodně času, moc se mě u tebe líbí, problém bude překladač, uvidíme, jestli si budeme rozumět? Jsem již stará paní a každého nového přátelství si vážím. Můj jazyk je ČESK7....... Moc tě zdravím a objímám, brzy se vrátím. Anna

john bord said...

Your view out the widow is a bit different then mine, but I too pause on occasion and look at the passing. A moment to refocus or ponder what's next.

Enjoy the snow dog.

Joe said...

I've known big changes are in the wind for you but am glad to hear you blog from where you are at sound at great is that? I enjoyed this glimpse into your life my friend!

NatureFootstep said...

a very unpredictible weather in your part of the world. But it gave you nice shots. .)

Michael (Light-In-A-Box) said...

Very nice blog Carrie, I too have to just let go & blog when I can.. I feel obligated to keep my blog going! But yeah, life is busy. I agree with you also that followers (friends) are our inspiration as well. Awesome pictures Carrie, be well.. : )

Gin G said...

What a beautiful post Carrie. Thank you for relaxing and taking the time to share that with us. Thank you for saying you were pissed! None of us admit that enough. And I do think with a painful knee, and biking at 76 I would have to forgive you hubby as well. Great that you both finished both uphill and down. Bless you today and all winter. Gin

Penny Whiteway said...

Thank you, Carrie, for such a beautiful and interesting post. Good luck with your future adventure. Take care. Pen.

Anonymous said...

Witaj Carrie! Jak zawsze zamieściłaś wspaniały wpis na blogu. Oprócz pięknych fotografii, napisałaś bardzo dobry tekst. W Polsce jeszcze zimy nie widać. Jeszcze nie ma śniegu i jest w miarę ciepło. Dziękuję za odwiedziny na moim blogu. Pozdrawiam i życzę wszystkiego najlepszego. Marko

Leovi said...

Great, these pictures are beautiful ! Wonderful winter and icy landscapes full of color in autumn ! The beauty continues !

goatman said...

I hate to be the grit in the gears here but, if I read this correctly, you propose to give up your pretty house on the hill, all broken in and homey (with the new roof, I might add) for a couple of years constructing (or monitoring the construction of)a new house down the road a few miles.

But perhaps you meant doing this in order to sell the built house down the road, when it is built, for a nice profit?

Either way, it will certainly keep the two of you busy on the new project.

martha said...

how beautiful your photos. They give me a glimpse of your interesting life and a view of how beautiful your world is!

Vera said...

Hello Carrie. I have just come in from the blog of Horst, and you had kindly left me a comment about your new camera, and I am quite encouraged to go ahead with the purchase of a similar camera after seeing the quality of your photos.
Will look forward to sharing your blog with you. Vx

Michiko Johnson said...

Dear Carrie!
I wold also love to have time for the serious your new camera in so much new place again.
I will coming back to see you again
Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Serdecznie pozdrawiam i życzę wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia

Mei said...

Just saw six acre forest woodland online for sell near home. Bid end in 3 days, love to add it on the dream list. Don't think house can build on it or not, so pretty... Wishing you both a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Hi Carrie., So much is going on in your life and you have been so busy. It can sure take time to get back to taking it as it comes. Thats what I have found as well. Many changes here also. Wishing you all the very best with your new cards. Time well spent on somethings you love.
Were snowed in. Thank goodness for a tractor . Have a wonderful weekend.
Lisa xo

Lisa RedWillow said...

oh and I really really love all the photos and your new header on FB is brilliant. :)

Daniel LaFrance said...

You're one busy lady... I'll tell ya. Looking back at all your pursuits of one kind or another are simply the things we enjoy and what makes us US.

Merry Christmas and may 2014 be filled with my blessings!

Katie Isabella said...

Carrie, I am always sincerely filled with admiration toward you. You accomplish so much and do so many good things for your family and your friends.

Sending love and wishes for the best..oh, the very best of New year to you. xxooxox