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February 22, 2014

Salton Sea Winter 2014 Part 1

We arrived at our winter home at the Salton Sea in California in mid January to temps in the mid 80’s and have continued to stay way above normal for this time of the year.  Our yard and house were all in great shape with only  a quick clean up outside and set our patio furniture back up to enjoy the wonderful weather.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie

The sunsets in the evening just made our little home a paradise again to enjoy.  Our landscaping has grown more  giving us an oasis look around our home that was completely bare when we bought it 4 years ago. I have designed and planted to keep our landscaping as maintenance free as possible.  However the additions always continue.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie

When we first arrived here there was not a bird to be heard around our house, but within a couple of days of putting out the sunflower seeds and other birds seeds our place is filled with the songs and sounds of their lovely happy voices.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie

Prior to coming here Sheaba our new dog  was just beginning to come around and show happiness in being around us, but now after the  trip traveling  in the truck with us and now sleeping in our bedroom at night she has bonded completely with us and shows happiness and tail wagging all the time with both hubby and I.  Sheaba was an abandoned dog that I captured last winter here in the Salton Sea after 2 winters of trying to gain her trust.  After 8 months she has finally excepted us as here pack and feels secure and safe and she shows affection and love all the time. She is still taken for walks every morning and evening on a long leash here in the neighbourhood, but when we are in the desert we let her loose and she always stays with us.  We seem to have no problem now with getting close to her  to put her leash back on when it is time to leave.  She also jumps in and out of our truck front and back and enters in and out of our house with ease.  She still likes to just lay around in the house most the day, but when we are outside she will lay around the yard near us.  We have no fencing so have to make sure she doesn’t wonder off as their is a leash law here in the housing area.

Sheaba1 (800x556)


We have been doing some hikes right near our area.  This hike was just adjacent to  our neighbourhood on the west side of highway 86.  From the highway you would never know that small canyons exist when looking towards the mountains.  We started up a wash and soon were in a small canyon following it for a couple of miles.  When we would climb out of the canyon there were always views and more interesting formations.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


You often feel like you are on the moon when hiking this area.  On our return trip the sun was just setting.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


The colors here in the desert are so bland I have been taking some photos using my expressive art setting on my camera which add some interesting colors and effects to the photos.  I call the series
A Strange  New World..

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


Here are some photos in and around our neighbourhood  using the expressive art feature.  When the devolvement was put in the the early 60’s every lot had a palm tree planted and over the years many have died leaving just stumps behind.  Also left behind from the building boom of 2006 are homes that were only framed and then abandoned when the building boom collapsed. 

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


We had friends visiting for a few days and took a hike in an a area where sandstones with interesting formation and continued to hike on down to the Salton Sea.  Hubby drove the whole way as he was on medication so had to stay out of the sun.  We walked almost 2 miles down to the shore of the Salton Sea while passing through the desert and interesting landscapes and remnants of building from years gone by.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


It got very hot and when we approach the sea the land become barren with much dried clay in areas that flood during rains.  Every year in the past 8 years I have found the desert around here to be browner and browner in vegetation, but the sea is still blue and beautiful to view.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


The Salton Sea still remains beautiful to look at and explore, it is still filled with many varieties of water birds.  The shore line can now be walked along in many places with huge open areas that were once under water, but now the sea is drying up and the shore is getting further out in many places.  The sea is surround by mountain ranges on both the east and west side the always create a dramatic backdrop.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


Well if you can’t beat them might as well join them.  Seems in my neighbourhood almost every photo I try and take the power lines are in it.   I don’t have that problem at my ranch up North.  I decided since there were a part of the landscape and very prominent in places I created a series of photos with them.  So here is a new series of mine.
The Power of Energy

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


When the big building boom came to this area in 2004  builders choose to run power above ground as it was cheaper.  This was not a new development , but an old one the had been started in the early 60’s where water had been put in but no power, but only a handful of homes were ever built.  So there was so many different companys that began building in 2004 that all power went above ground in the housing area.  Then of course there is always the bigger power lines that run through the desert around us.  I now look at them differently and I realized all the patterns they created when I pointed my camera just right.  So now instead of taking away from the photo they are the subject of the photo.

Creations by Here I Am Carrie


We we had more company come and go and expecting more during our winter stay here keeping us very busy.  During my down times I have worked on my homemade greeting cards and will soon have almost a hundred cards made for different occasions, then I will begin on my Christmas cards again.  The unseasonal hot weather had kept me inside during middays often, so I can work on my cards.  Otherwise I would be out walking or expanding our landscaping.  Visitors here have also kept me away from my creative work,  but that is the contrast here from my hermit life at our ranch in British Columbia.  I seem to have no problems being away from the internet.  I have to force myself to make a trip the the library every couple of weeks to get my E-mail and make sure all accounts are ok.  I find it hard to blog as visiting everyone's blogs always gets my creative juices flowing.  But this winter I really wanted to try and put  out a blog or two from the Salton Sea. 

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

So as the sunsets on the desert here I say hello or goodbye
and wish you a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
Whatever it is to you

Photo & Words
Here I Am Carrie



Nancy J said...

Hi Carrie, guess you will get this on your next trip to town, Super series of photos, love the settings, and the way you have set them out, and what landscapes, so different from the snow. Sheaba looks so happy and safe, lots of TLC and patience has worked a miracle, and she will know how loved she is. Enjoy the rest of your summer days, Cheers to you both, Jean.

Joe said...

I appreciate the sharp contrast of photos you have between where you are now vs. up North. I'm so snowed out right now but it didn't stop more from falling today. Thanks for sharing my friend, visiting is always a treat!

Nancy said...

Your winter home is so drastically different from your other. Your dog is beautiful. Wonderful photos that shows your area very well. Enjoy your winter :-)

Katy mk Wright said...

Beautiful post Carrie, thanks for stop by. Will write more another time, got to say nighty bye.

What Karen Sees said...

Great journal entry. I know how much you are probably enjoying the warmer weather. We have a little winter home in St. George, Utah, and although it is not as warm this time of year as where you are, we are out and about and having fun. I remember reading about Sheba, and wonder if she has any recollections of her former life now that you are back where your befriended her.

Michiko Johnson said...

Dear Carrie!
Your home are paradise when your bought few years ago your have designed and planted your landscaping as maintenance free the additions always continue.
You has beautiful birds around you how it must be you are looking after very same time you will be very happy.
You has new dog Sheabe was very happy and the trip traveling in the truck with you and he was very happiness all the time both hubby and you, your expressive and setting on your camera is your enjoyd time.
Thank you for coming my place!
Have a nice day!

Gayle said...

While the warmth would feel so good I'm not sure I'd leave the beauty of your home in BC. It is so brown in the desert. Thanks for taking time to share some photos.

Vera said...

I enjoyed the experience of sharing your life in the desert, such a wonderful array of colours. Looking forward to visiting with you again. Helps me to keep in touch with the world outside our smallholding here in France! Vx

Leovi said...

! Likes escontraste desert with what you usually see on your blog, wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

The landscape around Salton Sea looks very interesting and certainly very different from the landscapes I usually stay in. You have really captured the essence of the place in your colourful images. And - by the way - I thought it was a great idea to make a series of photographs included the power lines. Adds depth to the landscape.

Michiko Johnson said...

Dear Carrie!
Thank you for coming to my space!
There's always a snseof urgency to the geysers even when they are sullenly guiet,
The evidence of life's stronggle to hang on is every where as strong and able to adapt as there trees are they don't always win the stsuggle,
You love a giant volcanoe interretly to mesmlring thing to watch for you...
Have a nice day!

Lisa said...

Im so glad that Sheaba can go where you go. She would be lost without you both. I adore your home , the country side is stunning in your view .. Carrie I love the energy in the line that you captured. That speaks volumes to me. Wires in the sky bringing energy to all. Gorgeous.. Just full of beauty.
Happy Home and Happy life. Many Many hugs.

Lisa Gordon said...

What beautiful mosaic these are, Carrie.
I love your little feathered friends, and Sheba is just gorgeous.

Have a wonderful evening!

Dianne ... Walking In His Grace said...

Hi Carrie, I finally made it to your lovely blog, and I have enjoyed your surroundings through your photos, and descriptions. Definitely a contrast between the desert, and your home in the mountains. So much Beauty no matter where you are.
I love how you decided to just go with the flow and make the lines the center of your compositions. Man made energy verses God's Beautiful sky with the vivid sunsets. God has given us the ability to be creative in so many ways, and we were made to be in harmony with our Creator. Yep, your photos of the hydro wires and God's Beauty all around makes me think not only of Power but also Harmony.
I is so nice to see Sheaba looking so happy, and healthy. Glad it worked out for the three of you. One happy pack. :)
I love your last picture also with your shadow.
Sorry it took so long for me to visit your blog. I haven't hardly be on my computer, but have been a little more as of late depending on how I am feeling with my inner ear problems.
Well you take care, and have a safe trip home. Not sure when that will be.
It is finally Spring and time for old man winter to go away. Looking forward to warmer days, Spring Flowers and all that comes with the new season.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and for your e-mail. I appreciate it.
Love and Hugs,
Dianne :)

JennyD said...

Heyyyy, Carrie! I sure am glad to be back and visiting you again, and wow, your Sheba is so beautiful! As always, I lingered over every single photo and loved them all. You do the best commentary, you know? Let me ask you this: you said that the lake is drying up and the shoreline is moving farther away; has there been any study showing that this will continue until it's completely gone? Or is it just the season? I'd hate to see it leave and I know you would, too.

GREAT to see you, Carrie!