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April 18, 2014

Salton Sea Winter 2014 Part 2

Well spring is here and time the snowbirds have returned back north to our ranch in British Columbia Canada.   Lot of leaks and floods in the plumbing when we turned our water back on and feeling overwhelmed with trying to get everything back in order here.  But before things get crazy busy with life at the ranch I thought I should get part  2 of our life at the Salton Sea this past winter.  So on with my collage of photos which help tell the stories.

I spent way too much of my free time making my homemade greeting cards.  But I have finished them all.  I now have about 250 in stock.  As a test on setting them up I went to the outside flea market near Salton City to see how it would all go.  Not the right people for buying, but liked how they displayed off the back of my truck and how much wind the display could take before I had to dismantle very quickly.  I did sell about 20 cards to friends.  Hope to be doing some flea markets in my hometown here in Canada this summer.  When these cards are gone I will only selling  ready made cards online or ones I order and sell through local venues.  These homemade cards just took up all my spare time this winter.  But the money I make off them will be reinvested into cards I purchase ready made online.  Not much money invested in homemade cards just lots or time.  But the sales of this  cards also will tell me which cards are more popular and what ones I will order ready made.
Baby Steps

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

I could not forget my passion for flowers and this spring at the Salton Sea we had beautiful blooms in our yard of desert scape plants.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

The empty gravel yard when we bought this house was like a blank canvas for me and over the last 3 years I have so enjoyed creating the landscape and patio areas with mostly materials and plants with little or no costs. 

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

I am forever moving rocks and adding a plant or two.  The heat this past winter here did slow work down in the yard.  There was not a drop of rain in 10 weeks and most days ranges from 85 to 100 degrees.  The hottest winter I can remember in 25 years going there.  But as I was inside working on my greeting cards progress was made there.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Everyday either early morning or just before the sun went down I went for a walk for about an hour with my dog Sheaba. Our neighbourhood is so varied and forever changing from one location to the next.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Found under many big trees in the the washes around the neighbourhood are makeshift shelters that were used by  illegals Mexicans or even homeless.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

From beautiful homes to stuffed chairs on empty lots our area has it all.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Surrounded by mountains  and glimpses of the sea were always there during my walks.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Occasionally company would come and stay with us so would take them for a walk down near the Salton Sea.  We still own a empty lot near the sea and went for a picnic there with friends.  Then headed for the long walk down to the waters edge.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

The shoreline here is lined with barnacles, but one still feels like they are walking along and ocean beach even if it is only a salt lake.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

The main fish still in the Salton Sea are Tilapia, which dead ones can be found sometime along the shoreline.  I am sure they were once also a source of food for Sheaba when she ran wild down here near the Salton Sea.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

The constant hum of ultra lights can be heard all along the shore of the sea a favourite area for them to fly.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

There is now so much activity on the shores of the sea with ATVs, jeeps and fishing.  This group of vehicles parked on the shore were sitting in lawn chairs waiting for the full moon to rise.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Every March Tera Del Sol Jeep club holds a jeep rally near Salton City California near the Salton Sea.  Thousands of camper and jeeps swarm the desert during this weekend.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

It’s fun to just park at a view point and watch all the activity in the desert and bad lands.  The dust they create is more then I want to put myself near. 

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Our area is not without wildlife even with all the dyeing vegetation.  Coyotes are a regular seen around the neighbourhood and desert along with pelicans near the sea and hummingbirds at the flowers.  I discovered a burring owl just on the edge of the neighbourhood.  How it has managed to survived with ATVs driving within 20 feet of it’s burrow.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

Seems the little burrowing owl had a mate in the hole, which I could have been around when the babies hatched out.  So many other birds and creatures were always there to be seen when one took the time to look.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie

I will miss my walk I took everyday and seeing the every changing landscape and skies.  The mountains with the shadows that changed with the time of the day.   But the snowbird had to leave and head back north.

Photo by Here I Am Carrie


Good bye to the Salton Sea for another winter and see you next time at our ranch in British Columbia.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter
and have a
Good Morning…   Good Afternoon…   Good Night…
Whatever it is to you

Photo & Words
Here I Am Carrie


Nancy said...

Wonder winter story of yours. Your cards are beautiful! I so enjoyed the window to your world. Have a Happy Easter!

JennyD said...

Carrie, I have spent the last hour going through page after page of things that I sooooo missed! You know I had to go to the story of Sheaba first and omg, I was crying and then relieved and then crying again....and poor Bob! I wonder if he's still there. Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas, for heaven's sake! Who would have thought; that is one strange combination of "left" dogs. Still, I would be the same as you and wish I could save them all even though it's not possible. Your Sheaba is for certain yours. There is no doubt and she is with an angel of an Alpha Human, that's for sure. Whew, I feel like I know her and I've always felt like I knew you so well. I can't tell you how much I have missed reading you and seeing every single thing. If you could have heard me when I once again saw your log house -- the "awwwwww, there it is!" came falling right out. It was the best feeling. Everything there, either in the desert or back to Brit. Columbia is stunningly beautiful....just like you.
By the way, in the picture of you squatting down patting Sheaba (on Sheaba's story page) I could swear you have on my Skecher's shoes! HAHA. If you do, aren't they the most comfortable shoe in the entire world! I have lavender ones on as I'm typing this, and turquoise in the closet beside me, and gray ones at the bed. I've turned into a Skecher's addict.
You know, if I ever went to Salton, I'd never come back. They'd have to leave me with the animals.
I know I'm writing a book in this comment to you, but I just missed you so much and SO glad to see you again. I'll be back over the weekend to read even more. Man, I have 3 yrs to catch up on!
MAJOR hugs to you!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Happy Easter Carrie.

Nancy J said...

Glimpses of Salton Sea, wonderful photos and words, your beloved Sheaba, how she has come so far, a testimony to patience, and loads of TLC, Enjoy your BC all over again, will you be moving soon? Meantime, so good to have you here again, and Easter Greetings, with all my warmest wishes to you both for happy days at home again. XX Hugs, Jean. p.s. your cards, that will happen in all good time too

Joe said...

What a great display for your cards! Of all the landscapes I've experienced desert is one I know very little about. It's fascinating to see your pictures!

john bord said...

Cards are funny, they are seasonal and they have a local appeal, then there a few universal appeals.

After you once get the card ready, it should reproduce real easy.

Enjoy the summer.

Ramblingon said...

You have such an obvious gift for landscaping. Nothing leaves your hands without added beauty to it.

This will surprise you as it certainly did me but I was there with you two at the Salton Sea! I dreamed it last night. I "saw" you (an illustration/picture of you really from the past) and you were looking at one of my rings and graded it on my hand perfectly. You know the caliber of the stones, the type of stones and how much they were worth. That's all I remember except I was very impressed!

Dave Wenning said...

Hi Carrie. Are there North American Tilapia or were the African species stocked in the Salton? They are supposed to be good to eat. Are you back in BC now?

Here I Am Carrie said...

Hi Dave not quiet sure which Tilapia they are. They were originally put into the fresh water canals to keep the vegetation down, but adapted to the salt water and have survived the increasing salt content which has killed off other species of fish that use to exist in the Salton Sea.
Yes they are suppose to be good eating. I don't know if I would eat any fish that came from the Salton Sea. Too much agriculture run off goes into it. Yes we are back in BC again.

Lisa said...

Carrie there is so much work that your loving hands does not touch with just that love.
I can only imagine that your cards filled with just that.
Your photos are beautiful. So much to see down there and do.. That heat would keep in inside also. Its not safe but would love to stay in the heat in winter also.
Welcome back home to Canada.
I loved your blog and your photos.

Lisa said...

Sorry about your troubles back home . We came back from Hawaii one year to a furnace that stopped working and yes it got cold. Thank God for my wood stove.

goatman said...

For some reason I thought the Salton Sea was down in the Baja; but now I see it is just east of San Diego. (I was always bad at geography before I started caring where stuff was.)

Nice desert scenes. I wonder what the sounds and smells are there?

Linda said...

Such a great post, Carrie, and a stunning collage of photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

Buttons said...

Sheaba is so beautiful I can see why you would go out exploring and walking by in the Salton Sea. Oh my it is gorgeous so much to see and it is a writers dream full of inspiration and stories. I would love to see what you see someday. Our winter was not kind and 100 degree heat sounds like something I probably would have soaked up for my bones.
Your cards are beautiful Carrie and what a nice display.
Your photos took me away from the farm and transported me to a place that even though I may never see I surely will dream about from your beautiful photos. HUGS B

Becky said...

I loved your photos, especially the ones of your flowers and gardens that you created. Looks like you had a wonderful time. We are so lucky that we can change where we hang our hats now and again. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie! Beautiful post and beautiful pictures. I warmly greet you and invite you to see my new photos.
I wish you a successful week. Marko

Anonymous said...

Those homemade greeting cards look great. And so does all the pictures from Salton Sea. Seems to be a great place to spend the winter - if one doesn't enjoy snow. I hope you had a nice trip back to the ranch in British Columbia.

Martha said...

I was in Canada some 15 years ago. What I'd give to go back again. I've never seen a coyote in the wild and some of the wildlife you posted. Beautiful pics as always.

Linda said...

Hello Carrie, thank you so much for your kind comments on a couple of my blog posts yesterday. I truly appreciate it and please know that you are welcome by anytime! I hope your week is going well and that your weekend will be great!